Fisi Alert! Willy Pozze Exposed for Sliding into his fans’ Inbox

A young lady going by the username ‘Tropical’ on Instagram has publicly exposed Kenyan musician Willy Paul for sliding into her Instagram Dm to ask for favors.

Willy Paul texted the lady using his official verified Instagram account as seen in the screenshots the girl shared.

Pozze was very desperate to meet up with the lady in Nairobi and after she refused to, he called her immature for wasting such an opportunity.

The young woman got offended by the insult and she bitterly posted screenshots of their conversation for everyone to see.

On her post, she addressed men who insult women after being denied what they wanted.
She also shamed Pozze for his rudeness and asked him to stop behaving immaturely for his age.

“Men you need to behave maturely. If a girl declines a favor, rudeness ain’t the solution. You are saying I’m immature yet you are the one who dmd me. Who do you think you are? Shame on you.”

In the conversation, Willy is seen to be very desperate to spend time with the lady.

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He was willing to meet her immediately they started talking and even offered to pick her or pay for an u ber to his place.

However, the girl could not be able to make it at that time and so they pushed the meeting to a further time. She still was unable to make it and asked Willy to understand and pardon her for the inconvenience.

Pozze was very angry with the outcome as he had expected the lady to be head over heels for the opportunity to hang out with a celebrity.

He went on to call the lady immature for denying his proposal and blocked her on Instagram.

See the screenshots below.

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