She smiled as she walked into the room, optimistic about the new journey that she had signed up for, she didn’t know what she could find but regardless she was hopeful for the unknown. She had met her boss during the interview but they did not talk much. Today was her induction to the entire team. In her navy blue bandage dress, peach shoes and maroon handbag, she walked into the room. She could feel all eyes looking at her as she approached her desk. She smiled at her colleague and set her bag well and removed her laptop and placed it on her desk. Her boss approached her, exchanged pleasantries and then introduced her to the entire team one by one. Over the next one week, she would try to mingle with the people around her and adapt to her new environment.

It was tradition to have dinner together as a family within the office premises at the boardroom on Friday where the entire team would discuss the week in review and plan for the next week. Being the newbie was not so comfortable on this particular occasion because she didn’t know anyone well enough to share her one week experience with but, regardless, she embraced herself and looked forward to the night. They all showed up casually dressed and ready to have a good time, tablets, laptops all left in the office but they all had their phones and notebooks for the round table session. Starting off the evening with cocktails before the round table session got the entire crowd interactive. She had conversations with few people and seemed to enjoy herself. When she noticed a gentleman stare at her from across the room she got curious and walked up to him.

Greetings and introductions followed soon after and they literally hit it off into the evening. Sean was more of the reserved people in the office but he was also a geek and spent most of his time behind computers when he was not crunching numbers. He was a certified Finance Guru but there was something about machines that captivated his brain. They would spend the next several months having lunch together, laughing about nothing and growing their careers, challenging each other every so often.

By the end of the year, they had grown from colleagues to sweethearts, though they kept their relationship out of the office. They however learnt that being in a relationship and working together was not the best move for them simply because they have climbed up the corporate ladder to managerial positions and more often than not they found themselves at opposite sides in the decision making process. They thought through it and decided that Sean would pursue his passion of running his own firm and resigned just before they walked down the aisle. That was a smart move but as it turned out, it was the begging of the end .