Former Starehe MP, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru tests positive for Covid19

Former Starehe MP Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has been hospitalised after she tested positive for COVID-19.

Bishop Wanjiru was taken to Nairobi hospital to receive her treatment and sources close to her claim that she is currently in ICU and getting breathing support from an oxygen tank.

The bishop got infected with the virus after she hosted a prayer meeting, ’kesha’, in her house.

She had invited 18 members of her congregation for the prayers.

After the meeting, one of the congregants who had attended the prayer service got diagnosed with COVID 19.

As NTV reported, the authorities immediately traced the bishop and all the other members who had attended that Kesha.

They then took them into isolation.

Unluckily, while in isolation, Bishop Margaret together with seven other of her congregants tested positive for the fatal virus.

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This comes to show us the negative effects of not observing the simple social distancing rules put in place.

Even though we tend to think that some meetings like the religious ones are important, remember that your health is your number one priority.

It is better to pray alone at home while you remain safe than risking your life for a few hours of communal prayers.

The day Margaret tested positive, Kenya had recorded a total of 80 new cases of infection where 41 of them were diagnosed in Nairobi county.

The number of victims continues to rise day by day.

As of today, the government has recorded 1,161 confirmed cases, 380 recovered patients and 50 deaths while the global tally of COVID 19 cases is at, 5.15 million confirmed cases, 1.98 million recovered and 335 thousand deaths.

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