From grass to grace;Everything you need to know about Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a Kenyan comedian, content creator, and brand ambassador to various companies in  Kenya. He was born on the 17th of September 1977 and as of 2020, he is 43 years old.

Eric Omondi is one of the biggest comedians in Kenya due to his popularity and the nature of creativity for his jokes. His fame and popularity came from his stand-up comedy show dubbed The Churchill Show before he decided to work independently.

Early life and Education

Eric Omondi in Daystar University.

Eric began his primary school studies in Kondele Primary school before his parents transferred him to Lake Primary school. Surprisingly, the comedian once disclosed that he used to suckle on his thumb and once peed on himself while in Kondele school and it took a toll on his self-esteem as a young boy. This prompted his parents to transfer him to the nearby Lake Primary School in Kisumu, so as to complete his primary education.

After his high school studies in Kisumu Boys High School, he traveled to Nairobi to pursue his Communications and Media Degree at Daystar University in 2003. Financing his tertiary education proved to be difficult as he completed his course after seven years as opposed to the required three years of study.

He sustained his education at the institution for his first semester through fundraisings from well-wishers and relatives but financial difficulties forced him to discontinue his education for two years and he, therefore, went back to his hometown Kisumu until things got better at the time.

Fortunately, the school granted him a full scholarship after his application, and the comedian managed to complete his studies after seven years. He graduated in 2010 having joined the university in 2003.

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The comedian’s journey to stardom was birthed with his stand-up comedy gigs at the popular Churchill Show which is a household name to the majority of Kenyans. Eric and Churchill met in  2006 and exchanged contacts after Eric won the hearts of many in a gig he was performing. After a long two years, Churchill contacted the outspoken entertainer for an unexpected gig at his weekly show.

The talented man planned to fully utilize the platform with his rib-cracking jokes as he picked up the role very fast and became an admirable household name. For years that followed, Eric used the Churchill stage as a stepping stone to self-discovery and tremendous growth for his career and managed to rise above and stay relevant in the entertainment industry.

After gaining stability in the entertainment industry from the Churchill Show, Eric saw it fit to support himself as a Kenyan comedian. The move was a  big risky decision that was going to further his career journey and with Churchill’s blessings, Eric Omondi left the show and went to seek greener pastures for himself.

Luckily, Eric got the golden opportunity that he would star in his own comedy show, Hawayu, on KTN on a weekly basis. This meant more money, opportunities, and heightened social status in the comedy industry.

‘Hawayu’ aired for one season and  Kenyan audiences were excited until the rubber hit the road. The much-anticipated show was a disaster and KTN had canceled the show due to poor ratings. Eric admitted that being part of the show was indeed one of his worst decisions but a learning opportunity. The show’s major flop helped him understand his audience and craft more after extreme criticism from Kenyans.



It was one of the worst ideas because I was young and I wasn’t ready. I think God gave me that opportunity intentionally to teach me a few things. But it was also one of the best things that ever happened to me because without it, I wouldn’t be where I’m today.

It changed everything and I learned a lot. I understood Kenyans, production, and comedy as a whole. It was a good lesson…

Unknown to many, Eric also wanted to be a news reporter as that was his field of study back in the university. He got an opportunity to work as a news reporter at NTV, and his new career only lasted for two weeks, unfortunately.

I did one story after which they kicked me out. It was very bad. I was told I wasn’t good enough.

After his dreams of being a reporter were crushed and a failed comedy show, Eric found himself in financial hardships.No corporate deals and endorsements wanted to be associated with him. Comedy shows were running dry and the small gigs he got garnered him financial peanuts as payment.

Eventually, his first machine, a Toyota Allion, was auctioned and he also had rent arrears of 7 months. He swallowed his pride and he requested to rejoin Churchill show once again. Churchill was gracious enough to usher him back into his show.

This time around, he perfected his skills and work ethic and left the Churchill Show better prepared and ready to face any challenges in the entertainment scene that would befall him. He launched Eric Omondi Untamed which died a natural death and later proceeded to Youtube as a content creator up do date.

His YouTube channel was a major success as he grew his fan base in Kenya and beyond.BBC once ranked Eric Omondi as the 9th funniest man in Africa on a list topped by Trevor Noah and Basketmouth.

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Networth and endorsements

Eric has managed to bag a lot of money from working as a brand ambassador, endorsement deals, and his Youtube Channel. One of his paycheck for the two Airtel ad ‘Kuhama’earned him a whooping Ksh. 1 Million. Working as a brand ambassador for OLX also fetched him Ksh.750,000 minus other expenses.

The talented comedian occasionally works with Bonfire adventures and Lato milk by promoting their respective goods and services on his social media. Through his hard work, fame, and consistency in the entertainment industry, he has managed to be at a net worth of Ksh. 30 million as of 2015.


Eric and Ex-girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

Eric Omondi has in the past been linked to former TV anchor Jackie Maribe. The rumors were confirmed to be true when ex-couple broke the internet with photos of them and their son who was hidden from social media for years.

The two sired a son by the name Zahari Omondi. During Zahari’s graduation, his parents put their differences aside and came together to celebrate his big day. At one time, Omondi admitted to having dated Maribe but failed to share more details on their relationship.




Family first. Happy graduation day Zahari. We, mum and dad @ericomondi are proud of you!!” Maribe wrote.

Eric Omondi later moved on with his Italian girlfriend Chantal Grazioli and dated for a few years before calling it quits in 2019. Through an Instagram post, Eric Omondi revealed he parted ways with his exotic-looking girlfriend as she wanted to pursue her dreams in her Native country Italy.

The comedian’s relationship with Chantal was very publicized on social media and it garnered his Ex-lover a huge following on social media. They still maintain a strong friendship and rumored to be staying together after Chantal traveled back into the country early this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two are said to have met during the Kenya at 50 show at Kasarani.


Back in 2018 January, Erick’s photo of his ‘balls’ hit the viral button after he posted a photo on his Instagram with his girlfriend  Chantal while on vacation. The photo prompted people to make fun of him by doing the Eric Omondi Challenge thus causing him embarrassment.

No, it was not intentional. I had innocently posted the picture and four minutes after it went online, I noticed that I was receiving a lot of comments on it. I logged in to check Instagram users’ feedback. It is then that I realized that a part of my manhood was showing through my pair of shorts .For a moment, I was confused about what to do. I contemplated deleting the picture, but on second thought, I decided it remains on the platform. I cannot correct God’s work ,” He said.


Eric was named the 9th funniest man in Africa in 2015, the comedian also bagged the best African Comedian at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) held in New Jersey.

Eric Omondi has over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have over 40 million views. His videos are probably generating lower income because of copyrighted materials as he usually does parody videos of popular songs.

Eric has also collaborated with many companies to promote their products through humor and this has enabled him to rake in millions as a brand influencer and entertainer.

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