Game of Thrones: Lysa Arryn caused it all.

Given that we’ve been waiting for Game of Thrones to come back to us for a long time, and we’re still waiting for a bit longer, I’ve had some time to rewatch some of the episodes from the first seasons.

I came across something curious that may have caused all the trouble everyone is going through. Well, it always seems as if king Robert’s death was the beginning of the Stark’s troubles, which was the beginning of everyone else’s troubles. Well, not everyone, Jon Snow caused himself a lot of trouble by joining the Night’s watch but eventually he’s dragged back into all the shenanigans. So, here’s my theory.

When Petyr Baelish arrives at the Vale with Sansa he has a conversation with Lysa Arryn, wife of Jon Arryn. She tells him how she poisoned Jon Arryn just to be with Petyr. I can’t remember the exact episode because I didn’t join the dots immediately, when I trace it I will attach it here. Why is this information important to the overall theme of Game of Thrones. Well, here’s why, and because I don’t want to miss anything, I’ll present them in point form.

First of all, let’s establish that the only reason that Robert went to the North is to bring Ned Stark with him to serve as his hand.

  1. Bran’s paralysis.
    Bran got paralysed because he was pushed by Jammie from a window after busting them having an incestous affair. If Robert didn’t go up to the North, Bran would never have found Jaime and Cersei getting down to it. If Jon Arryn hadn’t died, Robert wouldn’t have gone to the North, so Bran would still be able to walk.
  2. Ned Stark’s death.
    This one’s pretty straight forward. If Robert hadn’t summoned Ned to be his hand, Ned would still be alive. If Robert hadn’t died, Ned would still be alive. If Jon Arryn hadn’t died, Robert would still be alive because he wouldn’t have gone to get Ned to serve as his hand and Ned wouldn’t have found out about Cersei and Jaime, which lead to Robert’s death and his own death.
  3. Slaughter at the Frey’s wedding.
    The Freys killed the Starks because Rob had broken his vow to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters. The reason why he needed to marry Walder Frey’s daughter is because he needed to use his bridge to cross to go after the Lannisters. He needed to go after the Lannisters because they killed his father. They killed his father because of the circumstances above. So if Jon Arryn was still alive, Ned would still be alive and Rob and his mother would still be alive because there would be no war.
  4. Jaime losing his hand.
    Jaime lost his hand after he was released from prison by Caitlyn. He wouldn’t have been in prison if there was no war. There was a war because Ned was dead. Ned was dead because Jon Arryn was dead. So if Jon Arryn was not dead, Jaime would still have his hand. Although he’d still be a prick.
  5. Joffrey becoming king and his death.
    Granted that Joffrey would still have been king one way or the other, but he may not have died so soon. He was killed by the Tyrells in collaboration with Lord Petyr Baelish, mainly because he was a pain in the ass, that notwithstanding, if he wasn’t king, they would not have killed him. He was king because his father was dead, because Ned found out the truth and died himself because Jon Arryn died and caused all this. Even though he would have become king, I think his reign would have been longer.
  6. Robert’s death.
    Robert’s death is almost directly related to Ned’s. He died because Ned would have told him the truth about Cersei’s children. If Ned didn’t know this truth, meaning he didn’t come to serve as the hand of the king, meaning Jon Arryn was still alive, there would have been no need to kill Robert since there would be no threat.
  7. Stannis’ death.
    He had it coming this one. He died because Robert died, also a little because Renly died because Brienne was really eager to avenge her king. Renly died because Robert died and Robert died because Jon Arryn died. So if Jon Arryn hadn’t died, Ned wouldn’t have died and Stannis would still be alive.
  8. Renly’s death.
    As pointed above, Renly died because Robert and Ned died. So if Jon Arryn had survived, he would still be alive.
  9. Jon Snow’s Resurrection.
    Jon Snow would very likely have died whether or not Jon Arryn lived. But his resurrection is directly dependent on Jon Arryn dying. This is because Jon Arryn’s death caused Ned’s death which caused Robert’s death, which started a civil war which caused Ser Davos to meet the red priestess who escapes after Stannis loses, leaving Ser Davos to join Jon Snow and on Jon Snow’s death, Davos begs the red woman to try and revive him. Without the war, the red woman wouldn’t have been at the wall.
  10. Daenerys meeting Jon Snow.
    It was gonna happen. But here are some factors that made it happen sooner. Daenerys met Jon Snow because he was king in the north because Rob was dead because his father was dead because Robert was dead because Jon Arryn was dead. He also met Daenerys because of the red woman. He would have died were it not for her. They only met because the red woman was at the wall to resurrect him after the fall of Stannis.

There’s so much more that Lysa Arryn caused by killing her husband Jon Arryn such as: the battle of the bastards, the battle of blackwater, the rise to power of the high Septons, the fall of house Tyrell and the death of Tywin among others.

What are your thoughts about this?

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