Goodbye Skinny Body! Comedian Njugush Brags about Gaining Muscle after Hitting the Gym


Kenyan funny comedian Njugush has today surprised netizens after he posted a picture of himself bragging about his ripped body to his fans.

The comedian is finally saying goodbye to his skinny body which has been part of his comedy journey for many years now.

Comedian Njungush’s ripped body

He delivered this good news to his fans in his usual funny way.

“Walionichekaaa!! Ladies and gentlemen if tap A can fill a tank in 20 minutes, how long will Kamau take from point A to point B if he is travelling at 124 km/hr. Body under construction. You better subscribe to my YouTube channel. This will be televised. Trainer @Freddy_Kaloki. Kids never skip leg days.” He said.

Njugush has previously been trolled and even laughed at for having such a skinny body despite him being successful and financially able.

Some fans even hilariously pointed out that Njugush’s endowed wife who clearly eats very well does not cook for him.

Wakavinye denied the claims and revealed that it was her husband Njugush who rarely eats.

“This guy doesn’t grow fat. Everywhere we go people are like, you don’t cook for your husband? But this guy does not eat. I cook he doesn’t eat. He has no appetite. You see everyone blames me.” his wife claimed.

Due to his lack of appetite, Njugush decided to emulate his wife by hitting the gym with the aim of getting some muscle.

The action seems to be paying off as he now boasts of a ripped lower body and hopefully with time he will gain muscle in his upper body too.

His surprise fans did not fail to leave their opinions for the comedian.

@Rowziewambui “Umesema tuendelee kuchapa tizi alafu tuwanyamazishe na matokeo.”

@Mpigapicha “Waliotudharau siku moja watakusalimia kwa heshima.”

@Lilnov “Is that Njugush for real. Kwani alikula nini akanona?”

@Yobranonu “Good stuff. Endelea hivo hivo.”

@Arafatdabaso “Huyu kama angekua na mwili tungepata taabu na mashaka.”