Gospel Artist Bahati Explains why he Released a Secular love song

‘Taniua’ song maker Bahati has come out to defend himself after fans attacked him on social media for releasing his latest secular love song ‘Wanani’.

Bahati who is famously known as mtoto wa mama has for a long time been a role model for young artists in the gospel industry together with his Christian followers and delving into secular music took his fans by a big surprise.

Speaking on the popular YouTube talk show, ‘bonga na Jalas’ Bahati spoke deeply about what pushed him to stray from the gospel side a bit.

The father of four explained that being a true gospel artist is about spreading love and being real. Worshipping God but not forgetting that real life issues are also on the way.

He continued narrating how gospel artists rarely produce songs celebrating love yet they also have spouses and people they adore to share their love with.

Often, even in holidays such as valentines on February, you will only find love songs dropped by secular artists being played or being dedicated to each other.

“Awa washirika wetu wakitoka kanisa wanaweka ngoma ya number 1 by Diamond because they don’t have concrete songs sang by gospel artists that they can dedicate to their wives. God is love and at the end of the day, we have people who are married or dating in church and they need to dedicate to their spouses something.” Said Bahati.

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This reason is what prompted the gospel singer to release his own version, which he dedicated to his lovely wife Diana Marua.

In the heated interview with Jalas, Bahati also spoke to his fans about his transformation in the music industry.

The singer is celebrating 7 years of blessing his fans with his wonderful music and has decided that he is now giving his music a total transformation.

He will no longer only release gospel songs, but that he will produce music based on real life issues too.

According to Bahati, being true to yourself no matter what genre of music you are playing will always attract God’s blessings.

He said that this is what helps gengetone artists flourish even though their songs do not glorify God’s name.

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