“Haga wewe!” Bahati tells Diana Marua after she Brags about Her Looks


Bahati and Diana Marua’s marriage seems to be growing stronger each day despite the major controversies surrounding Diana.

Over the past few months, Diana has been trolled for being with so many different men before she met and settled with gospel singer Bahati.

The accusers even accompanied the rumours with photos to prove the credibility of their statements.

The latest controversy was when netizens leaked photos of Diana in her past years with the viral ‘Boys Club’ gang.

Apparently Diana was one of the ladies who were being shared by the boys club members.

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However, all this bad juju does not seem to get to Bahati and his wife Diana.

They have been sharing several cute videos on social media and their YouTube channels of how they are enjoying spending quality quarantine time together.

Bahati yesterday posted a video of the couple in while in their car. Bahati was recording a video when Diana said that there was something disturbing her and she needed to let it out.

She told Bahati that he was very lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful wife.

“ Babe by the way kuna kitu imekua ikinisumbua. Unajuanga by the way ulipatanga wife msupu wewe. Ebu niangalie.’’

She went on to ask her fans what would she do with all the beauty she has.

“Aki sa ntafanyaje. Ntafanyaje vile nko mcute ivi.”

Singer Bahati was seriously cracked by this statement. He laughed at Diana and had one reply for her.

“Haga wewe!”

See the video below

[videopress P7kIMbDG]

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