Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend is off the dating market if her recent proposal to Chidy is something to go by. The business woman is now engaged days after she  shared her number so that men could send in their proposals through .

Chidy a Kenyan designer popped in at her work place, went on one knee and proposed to the beauty.

Her proposal got so many people talking as she had concurred that she wouldn’t date a Kenyan man and if she did, she’d fall pregnant immediately.

“..sifikiri kabisa kutoa penzi langu kwa wanaume ambayo sio was raia was nchi yangu kwa sasa kwa sababu huko nyuma nilipitia…siku nikimkamata mmoja ni mimba tu.”

Wolper had also previously confessed that she would set up a business in Kenya so it seems Wolper will finally settle for Kenya.

Wolper and Harmonize fell out in their relationship in late 2017  after citing infedility from Harmonize end. She claimed that Harmonize cheated on her with his ex Sarah and the latter fell pregnant for the celebrated musician. The beauty also confessed that their fall-out broke her .

“…I don’t want to talk about my ex relationship with Harmonize but of all my exes , Harmonize was my worst. ”

Harmonize is still head over heels with his current Caucasian wife, Sarah Michelotti . The ‘Kwangwaru’ hitmaker has featured Sarah in most of his songs.They walked down the aisle last year in an invites only and colourful wedding ceremony. Their relationship however has been rocked by numerous problems to an extent of Sarah unfollowing her husband on I G. Harmonize alledgedly cheated on his wife with a video vixen Nicole Berry who featured in one of his songs .

His fallout with Wolper was uncalled for . It could be that she has finally found love and ready to settle for Chiddy. Or could it be a publicity stunt ? Well , time will tell