How To Lose Weight Fast.

Every time I see a post about losing weight on the internet, mostly it’s about some magical tincture that will miraculously burn the fat out of your tummy and leave you looking gorgeous. Well, I’ve never been able to try these drugs, mostly because I’m afraid of any side effects that they may not tell you about in the advertisements.

So for the better part of the last three years, I had to struggle with my weight and how to lose it. I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable in my skin. I just wanted to shed some weight off. I tried working out on several occasions but it wasn’t very successful. I tried doing forty-five minute evening walks every day and it was a colossal failure.

All this while I didn’t realize that the most important key to losing weight is to watch what you eat. And so I began watching what I was eating. I’m going to share with you how I managed to lose seven kilos in just two weeks. Now that I’ve read it out loud, it kind of seems like a scam. But I promise you, if you follow this advice strictly, you will drop those kilos.

The two steps I used are these: no sugar or carbs for two weeks and throwing in intermittent fasting here and there during the dieting process.

Jennifer Lopez popularized the no sugar or carb diet. It’s simple really. You can’t eat anything that has even traces of sugar or carbs (carbohydrates) in it. These are the major culprits responsible for making you grow fat. Avoid junk food, wheat, carbonated drinks and the likes, you know what I mean. Try and eat more meat, white meat if you have access to it. Red meat worked just fine for me though. Throw in some vegetables as well. Initially I thought fruits were okay, turns out fruits also have enough sugar to disqualify your diet. So mostly avoid fruits that have a lot of sugar content. Stick to stuff like avocados. You can find more details on Google.com on the fruits you can eat, I’m not an expert on the topic.

After you start the diet, the first two or three days will be hell. You’ll almost always feel tired, drained and lazy. This is normal as your body is still trying to adjust to the new routine. This is good actually. After the third day, you’ll realize that you’ll start feeling a lot better than before. You’ll have more energy, you won’t always be as hungry. Although it won’t be the same as eating a balanced diet, you’ll be better than the first three days. In order to stay full for longer, consider eating more of proteins, they stick around the stomach longer giving you a feeling of being full for longer. I personally stuck to meat and beans.

You can throw in a cheat day after every four or five days just to give your body a break and to reset everything. If you continue with the diet for long periods of time without resetting, it could be counterproductive. Or so I’ve heard. So throw in a cheat day every four or five days just to reset. However, during the cheat day, don’t use that opportunity to make up for all the meals you missed. Just eat as you would normally do without going overboard. For most people, you won’t even eat a lot as your appetite has reduced drastically.

In addition to the dieting. You can throw in some intermittent fasting. In simple terms intermittent fasting is limiting the time within which you can eat, for those who don’t know. Feel free to do some more research on intermittent fasting. I went intermittent for about two days. For me, it became unbearable and I started feeling too drained. Also because I was doing strenuous tasks during the diet and fast, that possibly prevented me from doing it properly. Don’t stretch out the fast too long. Give yourself at least a six-hour eating window.

Another thing you could throw in is working out. This will especially help a lot since the body will have to dig into the fat reserves to give you the energy to work out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work out because of other commitments. I’m not a fitness guru, so I can’t advise you on the type of exercises to do, but I’m sure throwing in some jogging exercises would do you some good.

Over this period I managed to drop seven kilos without the workout. If you involve yourself in all these three, I bet you could drop up to ten kilos depending on your body type. However, remember that sometimes after dropping all that weight and finishing the process, you might find yourself gaining all your weight back. This could largely be due to your eating habits. You have to make some changes to your eating habits and adjust your body to those changes. Luckily, I only put on two kilos after the diet and I’ve maintained my weight for the past two months.

Feel free to try these out. Keep in mind that even though this advice is tested, it is unprofessional. If you’re under any kind of medication or have any kind of health problem, consult your physician before engaging in any of the procedures listed above.