How to make money from Viusasa as a content creator or musician

With the increase of social media outreach daily, many users opt to use their social media as a means to earn income through their followers and brand collaborations. Today, content creation digitally has become a mainstream source of media. New and familiar faces are using their skills and talents to showcase their capabilities through various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and various websites and make money out of that.

Through this, they are able to build and grow their brands while also making money depending on how their content is received and monetized.

What makes you a content creator?

You are a content creator if you are responsible for the digital media contribution of information to any media platforms digitally. You also target particular audiences in specific contexts. Contributing to blog posts, newsletters, video marketing, and editing, writing ebooks and graphic designing makes you a content creator. These are just a few of the many examples of content creation.

This article will focus on how you can make money from viusasa as a video content creator or music artist and how the content is monetized to help the creator earn money.

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What is viusasa?

Just like Netflix and Showmax, Viusasa(slang for watch now) is a Kenyan subscription-based video-on-demand service offering a variety of content via its application (Viusasa).

The online streaming app offers content like live TV, video, music, soaps, sports, comedy, gospel shows, talk shows, fashion, and much other acceptable copyright-free content in Swahili, English, and a number of vernacular languages. The app is also used to view exclusive videos online and to watch re-runs and future shows of your favorite local Tv shows at no additional cost other than the subscription fee.

You can access Viusasa through the app or through the website www.viusasa.com

Viusasa’s mission is to promote, grow, and foster local content, unlike Netflix, or Showmax which distributes both local and global content. The video streaming system is owned by a Kenyan incorporated content aggregation company CAL (Content Aggregation Limited).

The video streaming platform provides you with a variety of payment options like Mpesa, credit card, or debit card for as low as Ksh.60-100 monthly for its millions of subscribers.

Creators who contribute their videos to the platform usually earn money once their videos get monetized and they become content partners.

How does it work?

Once you become Viusasa’s content partner, you benefit monetarily and gain local exposure on and your behalf, they distribute, promote, and monetize your content in which you earn royalties. If you want to make money via the streaming platform as a content creator, you ought to register and contribute unique content to the platform.

How does one benefit from being Viusasa’s content partner?

Easy content distribution-The App allows you to distribute your video and music content on your behalf where millions of viewers and listeners subscribe and watch your exclusive videos.

Extensive marketing and promotion-Your digital content in Viusasa will be promoted and marketed extensively through the platform’s media partners including TV, radio, and digital media.

You earn Money- Your content is easily monetized as you earn based on the platform’s revenue share model through its subscription service to the audiences.

Customer management and billing-Unlike other video sharing platforms, all you have to worry about is creating content because the platform takes care of customer management including billing.

Secured storage-Your audio and videos will not be accessible to outsiders or non-subscribers and this means more money to your pockets as your content will remain safe. Offline downloads are done within the application.

Subscriber and viewership insights on your content-Viusasa will provide you with insights on how subscribers are viewing your videos. This is important because it will serve as a guide to develop or change your content mode and sharing strategies. This also helps a content creator make informed product decisions.

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How to become a Viusasa content partner

You join Viusasa as a content partner, through their official website CAL (Content Aggregation Limited). They partner with creators of all genres including drama, comedy, education, inspiration, music videos, short films, and the information should be in English, Swahili, Sheng, and Vernacular languages.

You can launch your new music or other production videos exclusively for Viusasa’s subscribers and reach big audiences and boost your ratings and earnings. A point to note is that you MUST be the original rights holder of the content submitted and be able to show evidence.

Steps to become a Viusasa content partner;

  1. Go to http://calkenya.com/
  2. Submit a brief description or a short synopsis outlining your content and sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  3. Submit sample content for review by filling a form from their website. If your video content fits their criteria, they will contact you after some time for further discussions.
  4. Agree on commercial terms, sign content delivery agreement and the partnership commences.

How to become a music partner;

  1. Visit their website HERE
  2. Submit sample content for review and  If it fits the content criteria, they will get in touch with you for further discussions.
  3. Agree on commercial terms, sign content delivery agreement and the partnership commences.

You MUST also be the original rights holder of the music content submitted and be able to show evidence. Due to the overwhelming number of applications, they receive for review applying via their website can be discontinued for a short while. Alternatively, you can also  apply through visiting their offices in Westlands, contact them directly through a phone call or send your submissions to their official email [email protected]

How much does one earn as a content partner?

The amount of money Viusasa content partners make from the platform remains undisclosed because one has to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement ) which limits the creator from disclosing the details of how much they receive and the subscription sharing model of the platform. Therefore, creators are the only ones who can know how much they earn and the additional benefits they receive by partnering with Viusasa.

But according to an article from Business Today, the content producer is supposed to take home 40%  while Viusasa takes 60%. The business Today article revealed that in 2018, many people who supplied their content made as little as Ksh400 to Ksh16,000 when their content has been on the app for over one year.

Since the platform boasts with over 1 million downloads from the app store, it is most likely that the company rakes in millions of money from the affordable subscription rates they offer to its members. This means that a content partner likely walks away with a good amount of money every month once their videos are watched and monetized.

How to join viusasa as a consumer

  • Download the Viusasa application from the Google PlayStore or Apple app store.
  • Once the download  is complete select your app language (English or Kiswahili)
  • Select register at the bottom of the next page.
  • Enter your mobile number, preferred password, confirm the password via an OTP number.
  • After filling in with your OTP number your  Viusasa Account will be created.
  • Log in and continue accessing unlimited and exclusive content.

You can easily pay for the Viusasa subscription Using Mpesa Paybill 724177 or pay via a debit card. You will need to choose a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription to subscribe and start watching videos and listening to music.

The company is a great platform that promises to give local content providers an opportunity to showcase their craft and earn money which is a great financial avenue for producers and music artists in Kenya. In a few years time , Viusasa will have grown to be a bigger platform where more local content creators will showcase their work and earn a decent income from their productions. Viewers and local entertainment producers, therefore, have a reason to smile.

Is Viusasa similar to YouTube?


In as much the two platforms monetize audio and video content, they are far from similarity. The processes used to submit videos are also very different as well as the sources of revenue to the respective video sharing platforms. They are significantly different in the following ways;

Viusasa is a video-on-demand application where interested subscribers must make payments before viewing whereas YouTube is a  free video-sharing platform accessible to many people.

Viusasa earns money from receiving subscription money from its Kenyan audience while YouTube’s main source of income is from advertisements and users are free to access the videos for free.YouTube is also a bigger platform that is available in all countries in the world.

Viusasa’s main focus is on promoting local content while YouTube is not limited to sharing any content as it distributes content from both the local and the global market. Viusasa has a long way to go in terms of distributing and making millions of dollars like YouTube but the app has a very promising future.

As a local content creator, Vuisasa is a great addition to making more money. If you decide to join the platform, be sure to own the rights of the production and come up with unique content that will build your audience locally.

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