How To Prepare For A High Fashion Runway Show

High Fashion runway, the pomp and glamour that accompanies it! I couldn’t name a single model who wouldn’t like to do some high fashion runway modelling. If they’re not already doing it, they want to do it. However, the preparation for high fashion runway is not as rosy as the show always appears to be. A lot of work from many stakeholders goes into making sure the models are ready for the fateful day. Below we give models some tips on how they can prepare for a high fashion runway event.

  1. Get your walk on point
    I’m not sure that there’s anything more important than this, on the model’s side, during the preparation for a high fashion show. You must know how to walk like a high fashion model. Note that pageantry and high fashion employ different tactics as to how models should walk on stage. If you’re coming from the pageant world, this might be a slight challenge as you’ll constantly find yourself importing principles you learned in pageants to high fashion. If you’re still green and have not had any experience, try signing up for some modelling lessons or pay for a tutor to teach you how to walk. You need to have your walk on point at least four weeks before the event arrives.
  2. Get in shape
    You never really know what a designer intends to have you wear, regardless of that, you need to get in shape. Now, note that different markets have different standards as to how high fashion runway models should look like. Unfortunately, we have no control over the stereotype that the market wants to go with. It also depends on the show you’re walking for. Some shows prefer thin and tall models while others prefer normal-looking models and others target plus size models. Whichever category you’re caught up in, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to get into the exact shape that the event needs you to be in. This is not something you’ll start working on a month to the event. As we all know, the human body usually takes some time to settle into new routines and reshape itself. This is something you’d like to work on at least two months to the event. Also, make sure that you have the stamina to go for as long as the show will be going. You don’t want to be that model who is completely beat and worn out when the show is only half or three-quarter way through.
  3. Wear nude coloured undergarments
    This is not usually apparent to some models, but some designers absolutely hate it when they have translucent coloured garments and the model has a brightly coloured cloth on the inside. Or when a model is wearing an undergarment that screams louder than the designer’s outfit. Best way to avoid this is to avoid brightly coloured and decorated undergarments. So yes, no Hello Kitty underwear. Stick to white and very light grey inner garments. Also, make sure that they don’t have really thick seams because that could destroy the flow of the outfit when the seams form an outline on the outfit like really thick underwear or bras.
  4. Train in your heels
    This should actually be a no brainer but it apparently isn’t. Well, different markets and events operate differently. Some events will provide shoes while others will require you to come in your own heels. Regardless of the case, when going for the show, always carry at least two pairs of your own heels. You want to train in these heels anytime you’re doing your routine training. The reason for this being that you’ll be able to discover any weaknesses that the shoe have or whether you’re actually comfortable walking in them soon enough and you’ll have enough time to get new ones in the event that they are unsuitable. If you’re wearing your runway heels for the first time on the runway or a few days to the event, you’re very likely setting yourself up for failure since you’re leaving a lot of room for things to go wrong, including, but not limited to, falling on the runway.
  5. Get enough nutrition and rest
    The nutrition bit always comes naturally to most models but some take it to far and start getting malnourished and well on their way to anorexia. There’s a fine balance that you need to maintain.
    Rest is equally as important as nutrition, especially in the days leading up to the event. It could be very easy to be overwhelmed with all the excitement but there are techniques that you can employ to make sure you get your best rest in order to have that glow on the day of the event. No designer wants to put their clothes on a model that’s covered in eye bags and looks all exhausted.
  6. Positive thinking
    More often than not, you’ll interact with other models who you might perceive to be better than yourself. Maybe they are maybe they’re not. And that’s okay because it’s not a competition. You’re there because you earned your spot. Don’t let other people or things spoil your mood. Things usually get heated during the preparation phases of the event and a lot of words could possibly be thrown around, just remember not to take it too seriously. Don’t let anything ruin your mood because that could rob the glow off of your face.
  7. Enjoy the experience
    Above all else, remember that it’s not a life or death type situation. You’re lucky to be in a career where you can have a lot of fun and enjoyment while still accomplishing what’s expected of you. Make sure to enjoy all the little moments that come and go here and there because these are the ones that you’re going to truly treasure.