How to Waist Train Safely and Effectively

Waist training

Waist training is the process of reducing your natural waistline and accentuating curves with the aid of a waist trainer or a tight corset. These waist trainers and corsets are responsible for giving a woman the ‘exaggerated hourglass figure.

When you are consistent in waist-training, the faster the results and your body shifts as you pull in at the waist. This is an effect of constant compression on the abdomen area. There are many misconceptions about waist-training like its unsafe and unhealthy.

Contrary to many myths, Waist training works by doing it properly. This is evident in countless testimonials, before and after images of consistent participants. Therefore, anyone fit is able to tame their waist into an hourglass figure.

Before you commit yourself to waist-training, note that every waist trainer is different. There variety of blends in fabrics and brands. The major difference between steel and metallic-boned waist-trainers is durability. Steel boning is tougher than plastic; it will increase the lifespan of your waist trainer.

But is the process meant for you? If your answer is yes, these tips and tricks will help make the process easier and faster with notable changes in your mid-section.

Choosing the best waist-trainer

According to your preferences, your waist-synching garment should meet the following qualities;

  • Your waist trainer should not interfere with your breathing and you should not experience any pain.
  • Eliminate bulges in your midsection, hips, and thighs
  • Excellent support without the squeeze
  • Totally replaces the need for a bra
  • Lifts, perks, and enhances your breasts’ appearance
  • No digging or poking, highly comfortable
  • Seamless cups, easy to put on and remove
  • Comfortable; stays firmly in place
  • Lightweight, breathable, and versatile
  • Creates a perfect hourglass figure
  • Thick material slims down every bulge
  • Great control and holding without being uncomfortable
  • Well-made and very reasonably priced.
  • Smooths out your midsection, enhances the shape of butt, no visible panty line doesn’t roll down, and good for all occasions.

If your trainer does not meet any of the qualities listed above, its high time you seek better alternatives that will give you comfort and the desired results in good time. The garment is going to feel uncomfortable until you get used to it. This is why you gradually build up to wearing the trainer for longer periods of time.

Are waist-trainers safe?

Lace-up corset

Unlike lace-up corsets, waist trainers are safe if the correct size and material are used, as much they are tight, they won’t compress your insides in the same way as a lace-up corset. If you’re wearing one that’s too small or too tight, you can feel light-headed, to say the least.

Waist shapers work aesthetically and superficially but best is those made of industrial-strength latex with an option to breathe properly and freely.

However, waist training can have some serious health risks due to compression. The manufacturers of the corsets usually advise the people to wear them for a short time only, due to the risks involved.

So if If you’re going to try waist training, be aware of the many risks involved.

Get Your Size Right

Poor-fitted trainers are uncomfortable and, contrary to what you may have heard or think, wearing a corset that’s too small won’t help you achieve your goals faster. Smaller corsets will set you back because you’ll probably find yourself in pain and having to exchange for another corset, putting your waist training on hold ad you eventually quit.

To get the most suitable one, you need to measure your natural waist size by measuring one inch above your belly button. Once you get the correct measurements, always choose a corset four-inches smaller than your natural waist to achieve the ‘hourglass’ effect.

Use a Waist Trainer customized for your body type

Different body types

Each trainer manufactured is made to fit different body types. You will be more comfortable and get better results in a corset best suited for your body type.

If your corset is too curved or not curved enough, it’s likely to cause you pain or look unflattering. Training in a corset that has enough curve for your body shape will have you looking and feeling beautiful. A corset should hug your curves in comfort and feel like a second skin while you train your midsection.

Get a high-quality trainer

Don’t expect good results from a fashion corset from any distributors. Fashion corsets are designed for style and not waist training and they also lack the steel or plastic boning necessary to “cinch” the waist properly.

Using a poorly designed waist trainer is equivalent to wearing a baggy T-shirt. You should, therefore, invest your money on a quality high-end waist trainer. High quality doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, though .Window shop until you get the affordable one.

A high-quality corset will comfortably hug your body, support your waist, and flatten your tummy for a smooth outline.

Waist train at the right pace for you

”Gradually” is the keyword if you plan on waist-training. Do not tighten to the point where it’s painful and uncomfortable.

Slowly increase your time from 1 hour a day to around 6-8 hours over the course of two weeks is highly recommend. Take your time in lacing the garment tighter. Avoid rushing the process because you risk damaging the corset and yourself if you attempt too much too soon.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress will help you to maintain discipline and appreciate every small win by keeping a waist training journal.

Always take your natural measurements and document the amount of time you spend in your corset daily to help you to see the amazing progress. Photos are a great addition to your waist training journal and be sure to take your photos in the same position frequently for an accurate comparison.

Give Yourself a Break

Even the most aggressive users take days off. You will find yourself wearing your corset for many hours, and other days only for a few.

If you take care of your body by taking breaks and eating right, you will have a great chance of seeing results and feeling great both in and out of your waist trainer. Never beat yourself up if your body is not quite ready to lace up extra inches. Waist training is a gradual process, not a sprint.

The more you force yourself into wearing your waist trainer longer, the more quickly you’ll want to take it off. Be patient and consistent in whatever you decide to try out.

Get an accountability partner

To remain committed, team up with a waist training friend to help you stay on track with your body goals. Comparing notes with someone who shares the same goals as you to keep you accountable.

Watch your diet carefully

Eating less and healthy is good since you’ll shed a good amount of weight. A laced mid-section means you won’t feel hungry all the time like you normally do. You’ll be able to feel how much food you are eating and get full faster. With a tightly bound waist, you’ll find it impossible to overeat.

Points to remember

You will look slimmer the first time you try your waist trainer. The end results depend on your level of commitment to wearing the trainer daily for a few hours.

Stay properly hydrated to benefit the most from your waist trainer. Increase activity in your core area. This increases perspiration and the more you perspire, the more you need to replace those fluids. To minimize dehydration symptoms, stay fully hydrated.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or your breathing is restricted or you cannot engage in normal activities, remove the waist trainer immediately. This is a clear indication the waist trainer is either too tight or not fitted properly.

Spend the extra money to get a quality trainer. Even though you are tempted to purchase a cheaper one, take note of how important it is for this shaper to be perfect for training. Anything less could lead to frustration, disappointment, and poor results.

Patience is key as no one loses weight and reshapes their body overnight. Be consistent and always follow the right path with waist trainers to avoid harmful outcomes and no results.

Be sure to self-check regularly to make sure you are wearing the waist trainer correctly to avoid problems like improper breathing and bulging.

Waist training only makes you look slimmer while you are wearing the corset and once you take it off, your body soon reverts back to its normal shape.

Prolonged waist training means your abdominal muscles are a bit dormant, even if you are exercising regularly. Take breaks.

The tightness and repeated use of your waist trainer for long hours can cause cramps, discomfort, and pinching if it is too tight.

Abdominal exercise thrice a week will give superb results.

Waist training is not permanent and it only modifies your waist, back, and stomach area.

If you don’t exercise, maintain your diet, and stop using your waist trainer once you have your desired figure, your hourglass shape will be lost.

Make sure to wear the waist trainer just for an hour or two regularly to remind the muscles to remain in shape.