Huddah Monroe; I made 1.7 million from my only fans subscribers


Huddah Monroe

In April this year, Huddah Monroe joined the growing number of women joining the adult subscription service ‘OnlyFans’.

The controversial socialite decided to start earning from what she previously gave out for free – her photos. She has been promoting her OnlyFans page vigorously on her other free platforms, giving out a 50% discount to the first 100 subscribers. The monthly subscription price is $19.99, (Ksh 2000)but the first people who took up the offer only paid $10 or a thousand Kenyan shillings.

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Huddah’s OnlyFans poster.

If you are unfamiliar with the platform, OnlyFans is a paid subscription service where creators provide exclusive content to only paying fans. It is mostly associated with adult entertainment (explicit content). The creator keeps 80% of the subscription fees while the company takes 20%.


A few months after her business venture, Huddah came out to social media and bragged how much money she bagged out of the platform. She told her fans that she made $17,000 (Ksh 1.7M) in a span of one month and also hinted that it was a worthwhile business venture.

I am not knocking anyone’s hustle. I made a cool $17000 in one month on my OnlyFans!If I was daring enough, I could be making $100,000 monthly. Let me gather my bad girls and get legal documents for them to sign. I will be back on only fans. She wrote on her Insta stories.

Huddah also informed her fans that she is temporarily out of only fans because her male subscribers always demanded very explicit content yet she used the platform to chat with her fans privately for a mere $19.99 and she only opened the account to earn money through chats.

The socialite promised to be more active on the platform sometime later because she is tired of using it at the moment. Huddah is currently residing in Dubai.

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