Husband, Wife and Son from Kasarani get infected with HIV by their Househelp

One unlucky woman from Kasarani was almost committing suicide after finding out that her whole family, including herself, had been infected with HIV.

The family landed in this awful predicament after they unknowingly hired a house girl who was HIV positive.

Everything was going okay for the family as they spent their time home during this quarantine season until the lady’s 17-year-old started getting sick with repeated bouts of Malaria.

The boy’s mother rushed him to the hospital, only for the doctor to inform them that the son is HIV positive.

The mother’s anger and disappointment could not be measured.

She ran home and started showering the responsible house help with blows and kicks.

As she was beating the house girl, she received a rude shock when the house help screamed that she has actually slept with the woman’s husband many a number of times.

The woman could not believe her years. She had been struggling with a recurrent STD without understanding why.

She gathered her courage and went to the hospital to get tested.

Sadly, the doctor gave her the disappointing news that she was HIV positive.

The woman became suicidal and even started contemplating suicide.

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She informed one of her friends who referred her to a counsellor to get the help she requires.

The lady is currently undergoing counselling to help her deal with her sudden trauma and shock.

House helps may be a helpful addition to the family, however, it is best to assess the person’s background before hiring them.

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