I had 7 Surgeries: Betty kyallo on how she got her massive Neck Scar

Our favorite News presenter Betty Kyallo is already making big moves in her new YouTube Channel just days after losing her reporting job on K24 TV News channel.

On her YouTube channel, ‘Betty Kyallo lately’, she speaks to fans about some of her life issues while also vlogging about her everyday life journey.

During yesterday’s session, Kyallo decided to answer one of her most asked question’s by her fans.

Several of her followers have been inquiring about the origin of the big visible scar she has on the left side of her neck.

Of which Betty decided to address, carefully recalling how she got it in the first place.

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The scar has been with Betty ever since she was in form three. She recalled how on that fateful day, she was going out on a date when a Buruburu bound matatu knocked her down while she was waiting at the Railways matatu stage.

The driver of the matatu did not stop, and he continued driving while Betty was pushed under the car.

A part of her blouse got stuck on the matatu, and so she started getting dragged across the tarmac road by the moving vehicle while she was still under it.

As she was being dragged, she lost all her skin on the side of her face, neck and part of her arm.

Her left side jaw was broken leaving Betty with a slightly crooked smile.

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The accident also broke her ribs and collarbone, injured her back and both her legs such that she could not walk for some time and also affected both her lungs.

Betty narrated that the horrific accident cost her a total of seven surgeries to get back to her former self.

However, Betty does not regret having to live with a scar on her body. She is grateful that God gave her another opportunity to shine her light in this world.

The presenter has also had some personal challenges brought about by the scar.

Mainly, the scar affected her confidence especially as she works in the journalism industry where looks are a big plus.

She explained to her fans how she used to hide her scar under blouses so that her work boss would not notice it.

“I remember when I started my job at KTN, I used to be so cautious because I didn’t want my boss to know that I have a scar then ni side partiwe job. So I used to wear those high-collared shirts to hide my scar.”

She finished by encouraging her fans who have scars to be thankful that they actually survived instead of feeling embarrassed by them.

“I was so embarrassed of the scar, I hated it but then I thought; Wait a minute, here I am. Mungu amenisaidia in staying alive, so what is a scar? I know all of us have scars, inside and outside so don’t feel ashamed. I would have died, I would not be here today but I survived.” She said.

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