In Your Closet: Outfits Every Petite Woman Should Own

For the longest time, I thought petite refers to slim women. Well, turns out anybody below 5’4 falls under this category. Being there too, I can relate how we’re told not to wear one thing or the other. How we buy a gorgeous dress but the waist falls low. Nevertheless, such things have never deterred me from getting a dazzling ensemble.

The key to any look is the fit, otherwise, nothing would look good on anyone. Don’t be afraid to take a readymade outfit to a tailor if need be, they barely fit right anyway. That aside, there are outfits every petite woman should own because they work best on us. Let’s have a look at some:

1. A maxi dress

Some people say if you’re short, maxis might weigh you down some more. Guess what, that’s a lie. They are one of the most recommended dresses for petite women. As long as it’s the right cut and fits perfectly, you’ll look amazingly elongated. The best part, you can wear it with flats and many won’t notice it.

2. A wrap dress

Get your first wrap dress then it will make sense why it’s such a fashion sweetheart. A wrap dress is as comfortable as it is versatile. Not to mention it outlines your body flawlessly creating a beautiful silhouette. Add a pair of cute heels and you have yourself a million dollar look.

3. A monochrome dress

Going for a dress with one colour all through is a smart fashion choice to make. Not that you shouldn’t go for multicoloured too, never put yourself in any box. A single coloured dress gives this continuous flow that’s desired when a petite woman wants to look taller. If you love your colours, add a little spice with bold coloured heels or simple accessories.

4. A jumpsuit

I can never emphasize this enough, jumpsuits are an impeccable choice. Even if it loose fit, you just have to choose the appropriate height and cinch the waist for definition’s sake. I’m yet to see any uncomfortable jumpsuit, maybe those head to toe super tight spandex body suits. Don’t love them long? Get rompers, just remember the waist detail is everything.

5. A high waist skirt or jeans

High waists have a way of making your legs seem longer, they cut slightly above your natural waist. However, if you go for belted high waists, your belt should be the same colour as the item. Wearing it with a different coloured belt is similar to wearing a lower waist which isn’t as flattering. I mean, that’s not the look we want to achieve now, do we?

6. Short dresses

Any type of short dress works precisely for a petite woman. According to your taste and style, choose from the vast options available. A flowy short dress today, a chic shirt dress tomorrow. You can’t go wrong. One stylish ensemble is pairing your dress with knee length or higher boots. This look makes you look taller than you actually are and screams confidence.

There you have it my petite ladies, dress and glow, self love all the way. Bye!