Inside Lilian Muli’s private life; Family,net-worth,age,education,relationships and career

Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli is a celebrated  News Anchor and businesswoman. She anchors the prime time news at Citizen TV  on Fridays. The mother of two also owns and runs her high-end salon La Modelle, a beauty spa based in Nairobi. The news anchor was born on 4th May 1982 and as of 2020, she is 38 years old. Lilian is the second born daughter to her late father Mr. Henry Muli and Peninah Muli. Her father was a prominent lawyer while the mother Peninah is based in Thailand.

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Early life and career

Lilian Muli young

Lilian went to the prestigious school Loreto Convent Msongari for her secondary school studies then later joined  Daystar University where she completed her bachelor’s in Communication and journalism. For her postgraduate studies, she joined the University of Nairobi for a Masters in Strategic Management.

Her career in journalism kickstarted back in 2005 at the Kenya Television network (KTN) where she worked as an intern in the production department before making several failed attempts of anchoring news. As fate would have it, she found her way to the TV screens when she tried doing several screen tests to no avail and later got her big break when she attempted reading the news script and the judges were impressed and she got the job.

After six years of service at the Standard Media Group, she quit working for the station in 2010 and joined citizen TV where she works to date. In an interview, she revealed transitioning between the two media houses was a fearful process to her but she overcame it.

The most defining moment of my media career was transitioning from my first job where I stayed from 2005 to the year 2010 and then I got a call to move to Citizen TV.At the time I got that call I actually wasn’t sure I wanted to be in the media anymore because I’d just had my baby, my firstborn son Josh and I felt like I needed a break. she said.

While at Citizen TV, Lilian has hosted a number of Shows like the Famous weight loss program  SlimPossible Show, One on One Show where she interviewed Kenyan celebrities after the prime time news, and Fashion Watch that aired on Saturdays after the 9 PM news. Her fashion watch show involved critiquing various personalities on their fashion choices alongside Kenyan style experts and designers.

Her experience working for Citizen TV was very different because unlike other media firms, they were allowed to explore their fashion senses and hairstyles. At the time,prime time news was regarded seriously and constrained to be done in a certain kind of way.

Lilian Muli at Citizen Tv


My chairman and my C.E.O Wachira Waruru allowed us to wear shorter dresses, he allowed us to do long hair, he allowed us to just be ourselves, and he said that our products would be driven by our individual personalities. That was different because I was used to being in this very straight jacket rigid news anchor that was really not supposed to over smile or giggle or chuckle.

Citizen TV is recognized for its unique style of presenting news and local entertainment shows which have ranked the station to be the most-viewed in Kenya.

Networth and properties

Lilian bags a huge amount of salary by working as a news anchor. According to online reports, the mother of two earns an estimated salary ranging between Ksh.300,000-500,000 monthly.

As a senior prime time journalist, she has an estimated net worth ranging between Ksh1 Million – 5 Million as of 2019 at the age of 37 years. Lillian Muli’s big income source is mostly from being a successful Journalist over the years.[Source: Forbes, Wikipedia & IMDB].

She recently opened an exquisite beauty parlor at Sound Plaza in Woodvale Grove, Nairobi, and the newly established business is a beauty spa known as ‘La modelle’ which offers a range of beauty services including hair, make-up, spa, hair cuts pedicures, manicures among others.

Relationships, Family, and divorce

Lilian Muli and Ex husband.

In November 2008, Her now EX- husband Moses Njuguna Kanene proposed to  Lilian with a bouquet of flowers and a ring after she finished presenting news at the Kenya Television Network.

Later in 2009, the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at the luxury Windsor Golf Club in a pink and white themed wedding Lilian added Kanene to her name. Their eventful day was followed by a honeymoon to Seychelles. The couple sired a son, Joshua, in 2010.

Lilian Muli’s wedding

Unfortunately, their marriage did not pan out as expected after five years. Due to their irreconcilable differences, the news anchor proceeded to court and filed for divorce citing ‘adultery, cruelty and desertion’ as the root causes for calling her marriage quits.

Lilian accused her Ex-husband of cheating on her with ‘several’ women before deserting her.She also added that he was a man of “unpredictable moods, ungovernable temper and violent in nature,” and he also had failed to partake in his roles and responsibilities as a husband and a father. Soon after, dropped her Mrs.Kanene title and reverted to her surname Muli.

Moving on

Lilian and Jared Nevaton

After their messy divorce, Lilian moved on with Shabana FC boss Mr. Jared Ombongi who is also known as Jared Nevaton. The love between the two blossomed and they became inseparable. The beautiful TV siren would always tag along with her newly found love for private and public events. The couple later welcomed a son named Liam in 2018.

The status of their relationship has always been under wraps but the rubber hit the road in 2018 when Lilian took to Instagram and through an emotional post wrote that she no longer wants to be associated with Mr. Nevaton. These allegations came after she accused him on Christmas Eve, of cheating and deceiving her in a web of lies to a point of calling him a ‘community husband’.

She later realized that her social media rant was out of emotional impulse and wished to have handled the matter discretely as it attracted a lot of trolls and controversy. She regretted the decision of publicly calling out her lover a community husband. In an interview, she revealed that the outburst was due to her low emotional state at the time.


My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not so proud of it because I had Kenyans speaking about it.I think sometimes I underestimate my brand, even with the knowledge about social media power, especially now. As a word of caution to any upcoming brand, anytime you are emotional, take your time before posting anything on social media. She warned

Since her social media outburst,she has not clarified whether she is still in a relationship with Jared or not.

 Controversies and speculations

Many times, speculators associated the Tv siren’s signature fringe look as a way of hiding a forehead scar that she got out of a domestic violence incident.

Contrary to that, the left side of her forehead does not have any notable scar as claimed. Although she has never spoken about the issue of concealing the left side of her forehead, the mother of two uses her social media pages to share different pictures of her scarless forehead.

Lilian Muli and Konshens

Back in 2014, Lilian was accused of flirting with talented dancehall musician Konshens during an interview where she was star-struck and excited to interview him. The online community accused and trolled her for teenage-like behavior and blushy-giggles while interviewing Konshens on live television. She was accused of being unprofessional and some social media users did not take it well and blasted her for “embarrassing” Kenyan journalists.

In 2016, she was caught on camera shouting and insulting a waitress in a city restaurant. In the then viral video, the tv siren was seen having a public meltdown that raised eyebrows on the status of her emotions. In an interview with True Love Magazine, she disclosed that she was dealing with the effects of her divorce that led her into drinking and emotional outbursts prompting her to insult the waitress.

I had a public meltdown. I screamed at someone at a restaurant and a patron recorded the entire incident which later went on social media. Now if there is someone who gets affected by social media it would be me. Something like that really gets to me and grounds me to the point I can lock all my doors and really hibernate.

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Achievements and contributions

As a senior news anchor at Citizen TV, Lilian Muli is one of the most popular journalists in the country thanks to her hard work and popularity making her a household name in Kenya.

She has also warmed the hearts of many by doing captivating interviews and shows that inspire women of all ages in Kenya. his has created awareness on the plight of girls and women in Kenya,

Through her beauty-spa business,she has managed to create employment opportunities for talented beauticians in the cosmetic industry.

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