Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Citizen Tv’s Maria

She has grown to be a sensation in many households since she debuted as Maria. You can hardly pass by any group of kids playing without hearing then mention her. In fact, come 7.30 p.m on weekdays, neighbourhoods sound like one huge choir when the theme song begins. In the popular Tv series Maria, she plays the lead character.

Maria is a tough ghetto girl who has her own generous share of troubles, including love. She depicts the typical life in slums and the challenges involved when interacting with higher social classes. Well, this side of her is perfectly known but how well do you know the person behind the character?

  • Real Name and Age.

Her real name is Yasmeen Said. She was born in 2000 in Kilifi, or as millennials call it County 003. That makes her only 20 years old as of 2020. Wow, isn’t she just so unbelievably young and talented? Where were you at that age? I bet it’s anywhere but landing a lead role in a popular series (lol).

  • Career

In addition to this, she jumped straight off her classroom in Ribe Girls and into our screens. Yes, Yasmin had barely finished doing her Form Four exams when she landed the role. Her passion drove her to go for auditions which were engineered by our favourite media couple; Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan. These two are also the brains behind other series like the award winning Maza.

Maria, who’s supposed to join campus this year, wants to pursue Law or Journalism which are her first preferences or Film and Tv. All the best in your endeavours, Yasmin.

  • Social Life

Unlike the expected for most people in the limelight, Ms. Said loves to keep it on the low and just lead an ordinary lifestyle. Another fun fact, you see how we assume she must have grown up in a slum and that’s why she plays her role so good, its a big fat lie. In fact, she has never been in the slums since she was raised in a middle class family.

Just as you can tell from her name, Yasmeen is a Muslim even though she appears to be Christian from the series. Concerning her love life, Maria doesn’t have her own Luwi Hausa in real life. She is currently not dating and might probably decide not to until she is done studying. Either way, at the right time her prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet. When that happens, you can be sure we’ll tell you all about it with pleasure.

There you have it, some facts you might have never even thought of about Yasmeen Said. Did you have any idea of any of these or maybe knew one or two? If you didn’t, now you do.

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