Is Diamond Trying to win Zari Hassan Back ?

Netizens among them Zari and Diamond’s fans are speculating that the two will soon burry their hatchet and become an item once-over. Diamond and Zari’s fall-out happened early last year after a four year relationship. The two had sired two children; Nillan and  Tiffah .

However it’s not clear the reason behind their break-up but Diamond claimed that Zari was warming musician  Peter Okoe’s bed. Shortly before their break-up , the two were to wed each other and Netizens were hyped about the same.

Diamond had recently promised to pay rent to a section of suffering Tanzanians during the COVID-19 pandemic. His act of kindness was however met by Zari’s fast reaction. The business woman claimed that Diamond wasn’t taking full responsibility for his children. Diamond thereafter reached out to his children as Zari advocated for the same.

If their recent activities on social media are to go by, the two could be warming their hearts for each other. After the release of ‘Quarantine’ song, which turned out to be a major hit, the Bongo star has been on I.G. sharing his daughter’s videos as she makes moves to the hit. Diamond concurred that the young lass had a way with her moves. “haka katoto kakikua katanichanua Sana….” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree , remember ?

The ‘Kwangwaru’ hitmaker recently  shared videos of his son Nillan and Tiffah Dangote on his I.G. page with the caption ,” Nothing sweet than waking up to the sweetest video from your kids. ” By the look of things, Diamond does miss his children.

One of Zari’s fan took to Zari’s page on her comment section to enquire about her relationship with Diamond. She seemingly insinuated that the two were getting things on track. Zari however lashed out at the fan. “…so tell me more. You seem to have details and all figured it out. ”

Are the two just giving their fans mixed signals or should we secretly and hopefully wait for their come back ?