Is Edgar Obare Right To Expose Others?

Who doesn’t know Edgar Obare by now? If you don’t, you probably live on the moon or under a rock for that matter.

Over the past few weeks, Edgar Obare has been trending for exposing Jalang’o and his boys’ club and later after the Mwakideu expose. This isn’t the first time he’s done it, he’s exposed several celebrities and socialites. How true are the allegations levelled against them? Well, check out his Instagram and judge for yourself.

Well, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. So does Edgar really need to do whatever he does? Let’s dig into it a little bit.

I confess that I’ve not checked out all of the exposes, they’re simply too long and I really don’t care that much about what people do with their personal lives. As far as I’m concerned, let people do the dumbshit they need to do to be happy and you do whatever dumb shit you need to do to be happy. When you check out Edgar’s stories, you’ll see advertisements in between all the exposes, advertisements he’s being paid good money to display. When I ran into the first one, I immediately understood that this guy is using other’s misery to gain profit. Which, if you ask me, sounds pretty sadistic. How can you gain from someone else loosing? How different is that from the people who looted funds meant for the ministry of health? Well, it’s a little different. I’ll explain why below.

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The people who get exposed, putting into consideration Jalang’o and Mwakideu’s expose, have participated in unacceptable behaviour. Cheating on your spouse is a pretty serious offence. The one about Jalang’o was a little extreme because it seemed like they were toying with women and from the few photos that were released, they looked like pretty young women. This is evil, you don’t get to toy around with other’s just because you can. Remember, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

In spite of all this, celebrities are just people and they’re not perfect. I guarantee that if you were to do a study on the number of men doing the same thing that the boy’s club and Mwakideu were doing, then it wouldn’t look strange at all. That’s just how society is and we don’t like seeing it for what it really is, so when we look into the mirror, we’re disgusted by it and condemn it by all means.

All said and done, I don’t believe Edgar has the moral high ground to castigate others on such things because they also are just human. This doesn’t excuse the atrocities they committed, but it would be hypocritical to punish others severely and let others off the hook. Even so, when you’re a celebrity, you have to understand that the line between your private and public life begins to become really blurry if it’s there at all.

I live by the motto, let others do whatever dumb shit they need to do to be happy, and you do whatever dumb shit you need to do to be happy. So if cheating makes people happy, that’s up to them, if exposing the cheaters makes others happy, power to them all. I’ll be here watching the drama unfold.