Is Jonah The Oldest Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’ve recently watched the Marvel’s Runaways and although it’s not the best series ever made, it’s really good. I didn’t originally know that it is connected to the MCU, to me it felt more like an independent series. However, recently, I  found out that it actually is connected to the MCU and if there will be a season 3, it will tie it in more to the MCU after the long awaited Fox purchase, also, Xavin is a Skrull and Skrull’s are set to appear in Captain Marvel, this is definite proof that it will tie in with the MCU.

The thing that got me thinking is a scene from one of the episodes that indirectly gives us a clue as to how old Jonah and his family could be, I can’t remember which one, but I was lucky enough to find a YouTube video talking about it.

Check out the video below before reading on to confirm if you’ll see any hints about Jonah’s age

If you didn’t realize anything, Check out this time code: https://youtu.be/cncq39g6qmI?t=94

Jonah states that his family and him arrived on earth before recorded history. If we use real life timelines, recorded history should go back to around 5000 years ago. And Jonah and his family arrived here before that. This is very curious considering that some of the oldest characters in the MCU are not that old. Thor is 1500, Odin about 5000 years and the ancient one from Dr. Strange, well, she’s old but not 5000 years old. One could argue that Thanos is older than 5000 years, but there are some conditions that would need to be explained before arriving at this conclusion i.e: There are various fan theories explaining that Thanos didn’t go for the infinity stones himself and with his full force because if people like Odin, the ancient one and Ego picked up on his activities, they would rush to thwart him. It is entirely possible that Ego and Odin could beat Thanos in a one on one fight in their base forms. This might mean that Thanos is younger than these two characters. It’s not a conclusive assumption, but it does cast doubt on Thanos being older than Odin on screen. There are only a few characters in the cinematic universe that could, beyond reasonable doubt, be older than Jonah. For example: Ego, who came to existence possibly hundreds of thousands of years ago, Dormammu, who is also a celestial. We don’t know much about Dormammu in the cinematic universe but it’s possible he’s as old as Ego, if not older.

In the comics, I believe there actually are characters who are older than Jonah, I’m not lucky enough to have read the Marvel comics, they didn’t sell them here. But on the big and small screen, Jonah could very easily have a seat with the elders of the universe.

What are your thoughts?