Jalango’s “Boys club” shakes the online community


Media Personality and Entertainer  Jalang’o  alias Felix Oduwour and his close circle of male friends have become a trending topic on social media after allegations of cheating on their partners with different women surfaced online and shocked the entire netizen community.


The allegations were shared by blogger Edgar Obare via his Instagram stories after he got hold of screenshots from a WhatsApp group that is believed to be that of Jalang’o and his Boys Club.

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Going by the screenshots, the Boys club have a tendency of casually engaging with different girls and go ahead to compare their notes in the Whatsapp group.


According to the expose, the boys club consists of approximately nine men who frequently discuss their sexcapades on the platform and discuss the women from their looks to personality in their vernacular language.

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The Boy’s club members

The expose also ranks Jalang’o as the guy who is most engaging with women. It’s believed that the boys club have rented a number of apartments within Nairobi where they take their different women for their personal agendas. Kenyans on Twitter have expressed disappointment in the boys club and married men at large who go around cheating on their wives.

Producer Ted Josiah also bashed male celebrities who use their celebrity status to lure women and take advantage of their naivety or innocence in exchange for sexual favours.

It is rumored that he was referring to Jalango and his friends. The radio presenter did not deny the existence of the group revealing the screenshots making rounds online were just “normal” chats. Some of the women alleged to be involved with the men publicly responded to Edgar Obare that they have never involved themselves with Jalango but only take selfies when they bump into him and the accusations are false.

One of the women defending herself.

This is not the first time, Jalang’o is being exposed for Cheating. In February. YouTuber Edgar Obare was forced to pull down videos from his YouTube channel; highlighting Jalang’o, Terence Creative, and Jackie Matubia’s infidelity in their relationships.

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