Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is a Batman reboot.

If you’ve not watched the Joker yet, then you must be a real joker. Hahaha. Just kidding.

The Joker was a real work of art. Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character was really fresh and I feel like many people would relate to the character and what drove him off the edge.

An interesting thing happens towards the end of the film. We see that Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed during the chaos that ensue after the things Joker does on live TV. Now, this got me thinking for a while about why they would show us this bit of information. Well, it’s true that it was just to give the film depth and show that things were also happening to other people and not just the main character.

But if you look into it in the context of what’s been going on at DC, this could be a golden opportunity for the studio to reboot the character. Considering that Ben Affleck is now out as the Batman and Robert Pattinson is in, it makes you wonder, how exactly will they reboot the Batman franchise and if they do, will they actually be able to fit it in the larger DCEU family. When I saw those scenes with Bruce Wayne in the Batman, it’s possible that they can use this route to bring in the Batman character as the same Batman in the Joker film. This would therefore give them a great opportunity to bring in Pattinson as the new Batman. They’d also have an upper hand in the introduction of the character considering the success of the Joker film. If I was an executive at Warner Brothers, I would do two Joker films then do a Batman film. But now, we can only speculate. Already we’re almost sure that The Joker is a stand alone film, but so was man of steel, which was later squeezed into the DCEU, even though the efforts weren’t as successful.

The new Batman film hasn’t started production yet, so we’ll know more when they get into the works.