Joey Muthengi Refuses to pay Hackers after Losing Account with almost a Million Followers

Former 10 over 10 host, Joey Muthengi is one of the latest social media account hacking victims.

Muthengi yesterday suffered a major blow after an unknown hacker took over her Instagram account where she has garnered a little over seven hundred and forty six thousand followers.




“Whoever you are, you won. I hope this helps you sleep at night. Take the account, I pray it brings you coro, I mean happiness. I will not ever pay a bribe for that which is mine. Not in this lifetime.” The radio host posted.

After taking over Joey Muthengi’s Instagram handle, the hacker went ahead and started enticing a few of her followers with lucrative money deals. In the hope of that he/she will be able to swindle money from the unsuspecting targets.

Muthengi got wind of the situation in time and put out a post warning her followers to beware of whoever inboxes them pretending to be her.

“Hey friends, it appears my account has been compromised/hacked. Please do not agree to any seemingly lucrative deals on my behalf. I will open a new account soon. I hope you will follow me there. All the hugs.” She warned.

Muthengi is not the first victim of online hackers who take over influential people’s accounts then sell the accounts back at excessively high prices.

The former host, however, has refused to part with even a shilling to get her account back. Instead Joey has decided that she will open a new account with the hopes that she will be able to get her followers back.

Social media these days is not only about meeting new people. With a huge following, you can transform your account to a successful profit generating business.

Sales companies are also able to advertise their products through social media influencers. So losing an account with such a huge following may come as a huge blow to an influential or business person.