Jose Chameleone and Daniella Atim Celebrate 12th Wedding Anniversary

Chameleone and his wife are celebrating twelve years in marriage. The two marked a twelve-year anniversary after a rocky marriage with many speculations from Netizens about their fall-out.

In 2017 Chameleone walked his wife Daniella Atim down the aisle and tied the knot with the popular socialite in a flamboyant wedding ceremony and had a reception at luxurious Serena hotel in Kampala.

Their celebration comes at a time when the two celebrities have been battling so many marriage issues. In 2017, Daniella filed for divorce with claims that her husband was turning out to be cruel towards her.She claimed that the celebrated musician had turned her to be a punching bag. Daniella owed the beating and humiliation to her husband’s habit of over drinking.

The divorce however didn’t go through , Chameleon later pointed that later on through his Social Media platform. Before the divorce sagas , Chameleone had earlier on announced on his Facebook page that he was officially single.

“… I am single and not searching . I will be the last man standing . I let you be Daniella . God bless you always . I can’t prove myself more than I have.only losers will prove. You have been everything but enough is enough. I wish you the best . Heart broken but I have to reach to decision finally.”
The two celebrities are presently apart from each other due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Chameleone crafted a special message to his wife whom he admitted to missing at this crucial time.

“Happy twelve years marriage anniversary mama Abba . So many memories still roll In my mind and am thankful that I found a friend who gave me her whole and together we made a beautiful family. Love you all.”

Chameleone and the wife have had many conflicts but they have managed to pull through, they have five children together.