Khaligraph Jones narrates racist discrimination from indians in Kenya

OG Khaligraph Jones.

Kenyan rapper  Kaligraph Jones has revealed how he was disrespected in his own country one time when he faced discrimination after he was denied the opportunity to rent a housing space in Langata. The OG inquired from people on social media to also speak out on the issues of apartments on the outskirts of  Nairobi that only allow some specific communities to use their rental space.

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The father of one recounted how he was denied the opportunity of acquiring a house in a Lang’ata-based estate after seeing the photos of the beautiful property advertised on the internet.

Last year I went to Langata to inquire about some nice houses I had seen on the internet, after getting there, we were prevented from entering the estate because we were told we aren’t Indians, apparently only Indians can own property in that area,nilijua ni mazishi nikarudi kayole polepole.The OG was not repected-He ranted.


The OG also revealed the issue is not only prevalent in Langata, but also the Westlands area in Nairobi where blacks are racially discriminated from owning properties in certain areas with more dominant racial groups. Some Kenyan celebrities like Nazizi and Reggae Queen Talia Oyando came forward and agreed to Kaligraph’s sentiments and responded with their similar experience as well.

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Talia Oyando said;

so true but why am i laughing at the OG was not respected

Celebrated musician Nazizi also joined the bandwagon and shared her experience;

yoooo word !!!! and this has been happening for such a looong time ! they say vegetarians only.. and even if ure vegetarian as long as u black hupati house

From their experiences, this shows that some Kenyans still experience racial discrimination from different racial groups. This is evident as early this year, a video of a Chinese national canning an African employee for reporting late to work was shared on social media. The owners of the Chinese restaurant were later arrested but never deported as much as Kenyans protested over their deportation.

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