Kamene Goro Confronts a Fan who said she Needs to Lose Weight.


Kiss 100 TV presenter Kamene Goro today has landed on one of her fan’s Instagram inbox after the fan dared to make fun of her body looks.

The radio host was filled with rage when the fan termed her as big and tried to offer her body weight advice.

The fan publicly shamed her by insulting her and advising her to work out and reduce her big size.

“Kamene uko nje. Uko chini sister. Fanya workout.” The fan posted.

Kamene Goro did not let the abusive action by the netizen who goes by the username Tim_qx slide by.

She went to the fan’s Instagram inbox to let him have a piece of her mind.

Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

Kamene challenged the lad to prove how much confidence he has since he was so full of himself while leaving his trashy opinion in her comment section.

She asked the man what problem he had with her body, whether big or not.

“What’s up? Si you talk now that you have all the confidence in the world to talk shit on my comments. What’s the problem? Do I know you? Nimekukosea? What’s up? Speak. What is hurting you so much about my body? Fungua roho.” Kamene lashed at the fan with questions.

The fan was clearly shocked and taken aback. He did not expect that Kiss 100’s Kamene would ever message him on Instagram or even acknowledge a comment he’d written.

He was obviously ashamed by his earlier comment and he had to apologize to Kamene for it.

“I’m sorry,” was his simple and only reply. He could not be able to give the answers to the numerous questions Kamene asked.

Kamene posted the screenshots of her conversation with the guy and stated that such people always amaze her.

One minute they are confidently trashing you while the next they are humbly apologizing.
She then advised the lad to quit such childish behaviours and be better.