The majority of Kenyans on Saturday morning woke up in total darkness following a major power outage experienced in most parts of the country. They took to social media to express their fury and disappointment at Kenya Power following the blackout experienced at around 5;49AM on Saturday morning. Kenya Power, however, said the outage was due to loss of power supply on the national grid occasioned by system disturbance on the transmission network.

The firm apologized to Kenyans for the inconvenience incurred but indicated that their engineers were working hard to ensure normal power supply resumes to all parts of the country.

We have lost power in the national grid due to a system disturbance which occured on our transmission network at 5;49AM this morning.Our engineers are working to identify and adress the hitch ,towards restoring normal electrical supply.

The firm further assured Kenyans that an update on the restoration progress and the cause of the power outage will be issued later. According to Kenya Power’s earlier statement, some of the areas that were expected to experience blackout today included Daraja Mbili Secondary School, Our Stores, Kenya Power Depot, Industrial Area, Cereals Board in Kisii county.

An affected estate in Nairobi.

Kenya expressed their disappointment with Kenya power because most of them needed electricity to work from home or attend virtual online classes and meetings which were unfortunately cut short due to the power off. They issued a series of complaints on the firm official social media pages.

We cannot work in the office due to Covid-19, we can also not work from home due to Kenya Power, this is sad. We are on our own said,” Stephen Ogango.

Kenya Power why don’t we have our power here in Embakasi, I just bought token the other day,” another disappointed Kenyan posted on social media.

Kenya power in response to the complaints issued an online statement apologizing for their inconvenience and gave an assurance of power restoration around the country. Uganda also suffered the same fate of a national power outage on Friday and Saturday.