A wild baboon

Kenyans are in shock after a man in Elgeyo Marakwet adopted a  baboon as his lastborn. The adoption has led to a marital drift with his wife as she would not accommodate herself and their children when the ape was allowed into their home. Isack Kibet, shocked many residents when he opted to take in the baboon as his pet since it was fairly young.

The relationship between Issac and the baboon began when he found the animal on his farm, he then proceeded to report the matter to the local authorities who advised him to keep the animal. Isack named the animal  ‘Joesphine baboon Kibet‘ as a sign of the bond he shares with it. Isack occasionally grooms the baboon in the best way he can and he is planning on providing the ape with basic needs like clothes and education once he gets hold of sufficient funds.

The two spend most of their time together and the animal responds to the name “Josphine Baboon Kibet“. The animal also follows him when Kibet decides to spend part of his time at the local breweries by clinging onto his back.