Kenyans flock to Stand with Edgar Obare over Leaked ‘boys club’ screenshots


“Dear Jalang’o. Just here to say publicly that Edgar Obare is not alone. We will not sit by and watch him be bullied and rights violated. I for one support him and if you feel like he has done something wrong, take him to court we will fight you there. We who support him will not sit down and watch him be harassed. I can attest that Edgar has more integrity than most if not all media houses in Kenya.”

Edgar Obare’s fan wrote.

Kenyans have come together in support of controversial entertainment blogger Edgar Obare who has recently been on the headlines for not so good reasons.

The entertainer recently leaked screenshots of conversations of big media personalities who allegedly use and exchange women then talk about it openly in their WhatsApp group.

Comedian Jalang’o, one of the big names on the list, was especially put on the spot for cheating on his humble Taita wife.

The leaked screenshots shook the online community who attacked and crucified Jalas and his gang for using their power and money to use and mislead innocent women.

The leaked conversations dearly cost the Mc and he ended up losing endorsements from some of the brands he represents.

>>Jalango Breaks silence on leaked ‘Boys club’ Group Chat

Jalang’o and his boys blamed Edgar Obare for the screenshots and claimed that the conversations were like conversations in any other boys’ WhatsApp group which they did not have to answer for.

Obare was blamed for breaking up families and tarnishing several people’s names.

“I see a collective effort effort to take me down from some of your influencers, some who’ve been on my stories and some I have never heard of. Good luck with that ladie and gentlemen.’’

Edgar wrote on his Insta handle.

Edgar clearly explained that whatever he posts on his insta stories are just people’s opinions and that he owns no rights to any of them.

The blogger was also threatened that the DCI will be coming for him for defamation.
His fans could not sit down and take it lightly.

They spoke against celebrity Kenyan bullies and said that they would stand with Edgar who is not guilty of anything.

See the messages of support for Edgar below.

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