Kenyans Mourn the Death of former Radio presenter Pete Openda

It is a sad weekend for Kenyans as they mourn the demise of veteran actor and director, Pete Openda.

His unfortunate death was confirmed during the early morning hours of Saturday the 6th.

This untimely death came just 4 days after the writer celebrated his birthday.

He commemorated that day , June the 2nd, with a simple Facebook message to his friends and supporters.

“Many thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am truly honoured to have you all as friends and family. God bless.”

The cause of his untimely death remains unknown. There are also no reports of Mr Openda being ill or having any health issues during the days prior to his death.

Pete was known to many for his work-life adversity. To many of his colleagues at the KBC TV channel, he was a producer, writer and actor too.

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Pete Openda with Ngugi was Thiong’o.

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His popularity especially took a toll when he began working as a radio presenter, hosting the Jazz hour show on KBC broadcasting channel.

The actor was adored for his voice and eloquence in the roles he played on TV.

Openda is a glorified alumnae of; Greensteds schools where he did his GCE, Upper Hill school Nairobi where he got his O level certificate and he did his graduate studies in Oxford University and Durham University Business School.

His friends and family were truly shocked by the news of his death.

Together with his supporters they relayed their condolences while remembering the good old days when Mr Openda graced our Television screens.

@NsemiaInc Friends and family, this is a major loss to those of us in the publishing and knowledge related industry. Pete Openda was a fine man; a gentleman to the crossed ‘t’ & dotted ‘I’. He will be missed dearly; he will rest in peace for he was a good man! RIP.

@JoyOkech This is such a huge loss. A great actor he was. His voice, eloquence and just how well he immersed himself in whatever role he played. Really sad. Rest in peace Pete Openda

@PillyPrissy Pete Openda a family friend. I have no words and of course in shock because two days ago you responded to me when I wished you Happy Birthday. I didn’t know you were saying goodbye. Shine on our way and RIP omuhshisa wanje Openda.

@ShadrackMutotya RIP Pete Openda. What a great man he was. I met him while working at Oxford Press Kenya.

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