Khaligraph Jones: Rapper Kantai’s Mum Blamed Me for her Son’s Death.

In a recent interview, King of rap Khaligraph Jones has come out with sad revelations regarding Veteran rapper Chris Kantai’s death early last year.

The OG started by disclosing that he wasn’t allowed to attend Kantai’s burial which took place in Ngong February 2019.

This was because Kantai’s mum was made to believe that Khaligraph was responsible for Chris’ depression and eventual passing away.

“When you rise to certain levels in life and you have influence over people and are successful, people always have bad intentions over you. It is said that I am the one who took Chris Kantai’s style and ran with it and now left him to suffer without helping him out.” Khaligraph said.

According to Kantai’s family he also did not pay Chris for the song ‘Ting Badi Malo’ they did together in 2016.

When Chris Kantai passed away, Khaligraph blamed the media and friends who left Kantai’s side for his death.

He wrote on a post, “Three years ago when I did a song with the late Kantai, instead of the media motivating him during his comeback, they only talked about how miserable he was because of alcoholism. This was after he was done with rehab and fully reformed. Let’s stop waiting for our pioneers to die so that we can talk about how they are legends. I know artists who paved a way for us and are undergoing depression. Let’s help them now. RIP Kantai.”

Chris Kantai lost his life after succumbing to breathing complications while in hospital. It was said that he was suffering from peptic ulcers.

Chris Kantai, also known as Kantadda, came into the music scene in the 2000s and graced our screens with hits such as Huu ni nani G and Issues. He was also responsible for bringing Rapper Stella Mwangi into the limelight.

In his later years, Kantai fell into alcoholism and addiction issues but made a comeback in 2016 with the collaboration from Khaligraph.

He passed away at the age of 42 leaving behind his wife and daughter.