Kush Tracey: I Cannot Marry a Man Who Can’t Cook, Wash and Clean

Source: [Instagram/ Kush Tracey]
“Nowadays kama huezi ingia jikoni, siexpect ka siko kwa hiyo nyumba nakuja napata vyombo zenye wewe ulitumia pekee yako ni chafu huezi osha. Personally my type of man can cook, wash and clean. Mi siishi na mtu hajui kufanya kazi.” Kush Tracey

In a heated debate at the switch TV show, talented Kenyan rapper and now TV presenter Kush Tracey, bitterly aired out her opinion on what she expects in a husband.

The TV host was personally very bitter with men who expect their working wives to still do all the house chores without help from their husband.

According to Tracey, any man who is interested in sharing a life with her, should be able to cook, help in cleaning and even comfortable in washing utensils.

She unapologetically stated that she cannot come from work to wash utensils which her man used in her absence. If he uses kitchenware, he should also be able to clean them once he is done.

Her co-host Jackie Matubia fully agreed with Kush stating,” Mimi nisome highschool, college, nipate masters na phd kukuja kukuoshea vyombo. Excuse me!”


This statement has sparked a huge debate on social media with people airing out their different opinions in the matter.

@Gabrielbryant: You can have a PHD and be the CEO of whichever company, but when you come to my house you are my wife not the PHD holder.
@josiejosie: “There is being a wife and being a house help. We are in a new generation. I totally agree. Men out here looking for house helps in the name of wives.”

@Nyaboke: “Fyi ladies, when marriage was set by God, He didn’t factor education. Masomo ni top up but isiwe njia ya kumdharau mume wako.”

@Raphvikz: “If ladies help in paying bills, why can’t men too help in house chores!”

Famous rapper Kush Tracey has previously dated controversial artist Timmy Tdat but social media controversies soon led to their breakup.

In an Interview with Word Is last year, Kush Tracey revealed she had been left depressed and accepting Christ was what saved her.

Kush has since put a pause in her rap career and has been making money moves in the TV industry bagging major deals.

From her role in chatspot to the being the new Reggae host of Vybz Yard airing on Switch TV.