Ladies do it Better. Crazy Confessions of how Nairobi Women ‘Chipo’ Clueless Men!

On the wake of the viral ‘boys club’ scandal, you may be tempted to think that it is only men who play women and have multiple sexual partners.

However, many women have today come out to relay their stories of how they ‘chips funga’ their male counterparts.

These ladies have shown us that women are not after men for the money alone but that they too have sexual needs to be met.

Speaking to Xtian Dela anonymously on Instagram, below are some of the craziest ‘mpango wa kando’ confessions made.

This first lady informed Xtian that apart from her boyfriend, she is dating 4 other men who work in the same company.

Two of the guys are brothers, one is her boyfriend’s best friend while the last one is the baby daddy to her kids.

The second woman was married but cheating with three other men.

Adding insult to injury, she hooks up with the men in her matrimonial home where she lives with her mother-in-law and brother-in-law.

Her loving husband has never suspected a thing.

She even goes to see her boyfriends in the disguise that she has gone to see her parents.

This next confession is about two women who have the men who live next to them hooked to their bedroom charm.

They sleep with their neighbours’ husbands, their college going neighbours and surprisingly even the owner of the building they rent at.

This next one is about seven ladies who have rented a three bedroomed apartment in Mombasa road where they take men.

All the women involved are either married or in a serious commitment.

They claim they do this because their men are not adventurous enough in bed. So they find men on craigslist or even in clubs.

They take the men at different times to the house, lay with them then pay them.

Later on, they have a WhatsApp group where they share the photo of the guy and the experience they had. They also grade every guy’s bedroom game.

Another woman revealed that she has laid with every groom and some groomsmen of the weddings she has been into.

She recently got married in a white wedding and has already slept with her pastor, head of the catering team and four of her groomsmen.


Here, this guy narrated how his neighbor who is married dates four other men from the same building.

He personally had had a relationship with her for over 4 months now.