Life Hacks: Tricks Anyone Can Use To Make Shoes Bigger

Have you ever bought a shoe you loved, only for it to be delivered then sadly noticed it doesn’t fit? How about a trendy pair you were gifted by a loved one and turned out to be a little too small? It has happened to most of us. We stack it up in the closet like a precious artifact in a museum or give it out if it wasn’t sentimental.
If you still have some, it’s about time try them on one last time, after trying any of this hacks. Here’s how to make shoes bigger with minimal effort and using common items:

1. Freeze Them

This method is based on the fact that water expands when cooled. We expect the shoes to be a bit bigger once you’re done. Basically, you:
• Get two plastic paper bags or balloons
• Fill them almost halfway with water and secure adequately
• Put one in each shoe
• Place them on the freezer – preferably overnight – or until they’re frozen.
• Remove and let the ice thaw
• Try them on, if they are still too tight, do it all over again.

2. Heat them

Solids expand when heated. Ideally, your shoes should relatively broaden when subjected to heat. On the down side, this only works for leather shoes. You will need a blow drier, if you don’t own one consider doing this at a salon. You:
• Wear multiple thick socks according to how small the shoe is. The tighter the shoe, the thicker the socks.
• Wear the shoes you want to expand
• Heat the shoe with the blow drier for about a minute then let it cool down.
• Put your feet back and forth as you do this to achieve desired size.
• Repeat as many times as needed until they fit right.

3. Newspaper Them

Here, you make your shoes bigger by using newspapers. To do this, you:
• Get the newspaper and soak it in water
• Stuff the soaked newspaper into your shoes
• Let them dry out in the sun or just any dry place
• Once dry, remove the stuffed newspaper and try them on. They should be comparatively loose.

4. Sock ball Them

If you’ve got the socks but don’t want to try out no.2, here’s another way you can make them useful:
• Roll the socks into balls
• Put them in the shoes
• Leave overnight
They should fit better after this.

5. Wear them at home

Yes, just put them on as you move around in the house or even if you’re just seated binging episodes of your favourite series. Shoes may be uncomfortably tight at first but as you wear them for a while they loosen up and fit right. This also explains why a shoe that fits perfectly might become too big with time, no, your feet haven’t lost weight (lol).

If you don’t want to do any of these but still want to make your shoes bigger, take them to a cobbler. There are shoe stretching equipment meant for the same. Whatever you do, just don’t torture your feet by wearing any tiny shoe, work on them and slay!