Lucky Parents! Nadia Mukami Surprises her mom and dad with a Brand New Car.

Kenyan Songbird Nadia Mukami.

The humble parents of Kenyan superstar Nadia Mukami have today been surprised with a brand new car gift from their loving daughter.

The singer has decided to lessen her father’s and mother’s travelling worries by purchasing this car for them from Newtons Premium autos car sale company.

Nadia’s mom and dad with their brand new car.

Her parents were over the moon with excitement from their newly acquired ride. It was clearly hard to hide the happiness, especially in her bright Mum’s eyes.

Nadia Mukami’s mum

This is a time when everyone East and West is complaining of detrimental financial conditions.

However, songstress Nadia seems to be sailing on a different boat.
2020 has been a great year for her.

She has shaken Kenya’s music industry with hits such as: ‘Maombi’, ‘Ni Tekenye’ ft Sailors, ‘Jipe’ ft Marioo and her latest banger ‘Nikune ft top artist Willy Pozze.

All of her songs have garnered over 700 thousand YouTube views with the leading song being Maombi at 1.768 Million views.

This has also been the year when the songstress enviably got selected for round one of BET nominations.

She has managed to earn a position where she is competing with big names such as Sauti Sol and Harmonize for the Best International Act.

The nominations came as a surprise and the songbird couldn’t help expressing her joy to her beloved fans.

“Even if I do not make it to the final round I just wanna say I am grateful to God for this chance. I didn’t think there was a time I would touch down then touch the pick.”

Nadia went on offering sound advice to her fans on how to attain any level of greatness anyone wants. She was overjoyed and termed this milestone the biggest highlight in her career.

“If you ever wanna give up look at me and say it’s dark before dawn! This has been the biggest highlight of my career! I remember when I was starting I asked God for his favor, grace and mercy. This has just hanged my career. The tears and the grind are always worth it.”

Although many things seem to be going smoothly for Nadia, the songstress has been through some tough challenges in the past weeks.

The singer was accused of refusing to pay one woman who allegedly helped her book a gig.

Nadia was to pay her kshs 15,000 out of the kshs 60,000 she was going to get from the performance gig which she never did.

The rumour spread like wildfire forcing Nadia to report the issue to the DCI. The woman was then ordered to pull down her defamatory Facebook posts.