Luxury Hotel Giraffe Manor on the spot over Racism Claims

The Giraffe Manor.

Netizens on social media have put Nairobi-based luxury hotel Giraffe Manor on the hot seat over strong and evident racism allegations.

The high-end facility which hosts a number of giraffes faced criticism and backlash from social after an announcement that read  ‘reopening for Kenyans’ following a shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Kenyans on Twitter came out to speak against the wildlife Manor blaming the establishment for putting in place policies that block out Kenyan Citizens or blacks.

The announcement caused negative reactions among the Kenyan online community, who accused the hotel of preferring white clients over blacks and making reservations caused a lot of frustrations if they happen to find out one’s racial background. The hotel’s policies are seen to be disadvantageous to Africans.

Many Kenyans on twitter went on and narrated how they were turned down while seeking to book a place at the luxury hotel.

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A Kenyan PR practitioner known as  Anyiko Owoko recalled being asked to pay Sh60,000 for a breakfast at the hotel. The amount would cater to an airport transfer, car, and chauffeur which was unnecessary since she was already a Nairobi resident who could transport herself to the hotel.

When we requested to come have breakfast and just see the giraffes we were slapped with an exorbitant rate [over 600 USD] which included a driver, chauffeur, airport transfer and a vehicle BUT when we requested to pay only for the breakfast and to see giraffes and not have to pay for the car and airport transfer because we are Kenyans and commuting from the city, the bookings department refused and said that we had to pay the full amount because it is your policy.For the longest time, your policy has been to have these type of pricing that only benefit non-Kenyans and tourists coming from outside Kenya. I wonder why all over sudden you are welcoming Kenyans into your establishment. Is it because you now need us for your business to survive? You would not have invited us had it not been for the fact that your business, just like all others, is suffering because of the Covid restrictions.She said.

The hotel has been accused of currently targeting local tourists when they had previously rejected them, opting for white visitors.

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A visitor at the Giraffe Manor.

The Giraffe Manor’s move to re-open on June 5th without their discriminative policies was seen by the hotel’s critics as an attempt to cushion their tourism business amid the ongoing pandemic by turning to Kenyans they previously discriminated against.

Giraffe Manor canceled by Kenyans.

No thanks, I don’t want to come to your establishment and urge all Kenyans to cancel and boycott your establishment that has made it terribly difficult for Kenyans to access. You obviously have the right to run your property the way you deem fit and even have policies that benefit your business structure, just don’t include Kenyans now only because you need us and you wouldn’t have had it that way earlier. YOUR OWN POST SHOWS THAT YOU WERE NOT OPEN TO ALL KENYANS BEFORE! WHY “NOW OPEN TO KENYANS.”
#BoycottgiraffeManor Instead Go to Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara and especially Samburu national reserve and all conservancies/parks in Kenya to see Giraffes and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. After all, this is our heritage.

Other reactions from Kenyans on Twitter include;

Mkikubalishwa kwenda giraffe manor mtakuwa mkivaa t-shirts zimeandikwa we must be seen na mnabeba gilbeys venye huwa mnafanya ngong hills mfukuze wazungu.

Talking of giraffes… There are plenty of them on the Garissa – Wajir route. If you are lucky you will even see the white giraffes, no need of going to Giraffe Manor where you will he treated like a second class citizen… My two cents 😊😊😊

We should go where we are wanted, yes. But one thing we should never allow is an institution to use Target Market nonsense to lock out any race.We should speak out against @giraffe_manor racism whether we can afford to dine there or not.

Giraffe manor is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many white owned conservancies, lodges in Kenya that only allow foreign visitors, and are usually “fully booked” 2 years in advance, even Airbnbs that cancel if they find out you’re Kenyan…Lakini Covid-19 ni nani? 

Giraffe Manor has since issued a public apology after heavy criticism and racist accusations by the Kenyan online community.


Giraffe Manor’s apology to Kenyans.

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