Madam Boss’ Sweet Birthday Message to Firstborn Daughter Veshashailan.

Popular musician and social media enthusiast, Akothee aka Madam Boss, has taken to social media to celebrate her firstborn daughter on her birthday.

Her daughter ,Vesha turns , 22 ,few days after being hospitalized . Akothee took to social media , to point out her daughter’s strengths which saw her rise to the top and receive her hard earned title, Madam director. Akothee , appointed Vesha as director to her tours and travel company, Akothee safaris.
The mother of five penned this beautiful letter to her firstborn daughter,

You are my strength and the pillar of my home. What puts you down buried me yesterday. Thanks for being such an amazing firstborn. You do me proud , madam director veshashailan, may your days be filled with joy my princess, such a disciplined character ,may any man coming into your life find nothing to change, but mould you into a loving and caring wife, not a bitter , miserable woman. May the fruits of your womb be blessed in years to come ..

Apart from blessing her eldest daughter, Akothee went ahead to assure her daughter that she would always offer a safe haven to her incase her relationships went wry.

.. If anything doesn’t add up into your relationships in future, just know my heart is way open, you can still walk back. I wish you a happy birthday my queen and quick recovery. I love you.

Akothee’s message comes afew days when the Young boss lady was hospitalized. In the same week, Akothee’s father had also been hospitalized. The mother of five has however learnt to stay strong in the wake of adversity,

My mum taught me that when the turbulence is overwhelming and the passengers are panicking,the captain opens the book , chooses a verse in the Bible, reads a word of encouragement , sing a praise song, pray and leave the rest to the Almighty. Get well soon. Wrote the sweet love hitmaker.

Rue baby also took to her Facebook page to wish her elder sister a happy birthday,

Happy birthday siz, Vesha Okello, I love you so much siz.