Magix Enga Breaks Silence on claims that he ran with Rudra Kartel’s Money

Celebrated music producer Magix Enga has finally decided to put to rest the exploitation allegations laid against him by dancehall artist Rudra Kartel.

The accusations claim that Magix refused to pay Rudra for the song collaboration they did together.

Apparently Rudra was misinformed that one YouTube view was equal to one Kenyan shilling.

The song they did together with Magix garnered over 100 thousand views Pushing him to ask the producer for his remaining share of the cash.

“Who lied to Rudra eti 1 view on YouTube ni 1 bob? So the song I did for him is over 100k views so niko na deni?”

Speaking to his Instagram fans, Magix complained of how ungrateful upcoming artists are even after being offered a lot of free stuff.

Rudra Kartel was signed by Magix Enga a few months ago after his singing talent blew up the internet.

The artist came to the limelight after comedian Kartelo posted a video of Rudra singing just like Vybz Kartel on his social media handle.

Even after gaining his fame through Kartelo, Rudra went to Magix Enga studio crying that Kartelo had used him to make money.

Producer Magix took him under his wing and Rudra had to sign a music contract. Enga offered the upcoming artist free recording sessions and video shoots. Free transport, rent, marketing and even bought a new phone for him.

“@DjShiticomedian Bidii yako ya kuleta kijana Magix Empire akilia machozi sasa ako You Tube akisema ametumika. After free sessions, rent/transport, free video shoots and marketing. I even bought him a phone. Now he’s out there like huyu Magix amenitumia. With the same Tshirt nilitoa nikapatia msanii akue msafi kidogo the first day he came.” Magix told his Instagram followers.

This statement follows Rudra’s announcement that Magix Enga denied him a chance to work with other artists.

According to Enga, the song was against the contract he signed with Magix Empire which stated that the artist would not accept free collaborations with other artists.

In response, Magix dropped a video showing Rudra signing his contract.

He also stated that he refused to upload Rudra’s songs since they were Vybz Kartel’s written songs and he advised the artist to write his own songs instead.

“Doing all this coz he has a song with VDJ Jones. Ameruka contract for a free collabo. I denied to release his new songs because I can’t produe a whole EP with Vybz Kartel’s songs. Learn to write your own songs. Contract inabaki vilevile, no free collabos.” Magix informed Rudra.