Magix Enga threatens Diamond Platnumz for refusing to Join Magix Empire


The Kenyan music producer has been angered by the fact that Diamond Platnumz has refused his offer to sign under Magix Empire.

Producer Magix recently sent out his invitation to Diamond and the whole Wasafi empire to be signed under Enga’s label.

He wanted this because according to him Wasafi empire lacked something in their new ‘quarantine’ hit song and could only be helped by teaming up with Magix.

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He especially made fun of the Tanzanian bongo stars’ English language stating that they clearly need help. Wasafi empire has been trying its boundaries by diversifying their language leading them to produce their latest English song ‘quarantine.’

“Wasafi can’t even spell the word Quarantine unasema karantin? What is that even supposed to mean?”

Many people considered this an insult to the great Diamond Platnumz name claiming that Magix was just a small producer and could no way compare to the king of Bongo Simba.

Magix has recently come out saying that Diamond will never receive huge profits from his performance shows in Kenya again because he refused to sign with Magix.

He said that only Kenyan artists will be paid such huge amounts.

“Unasema eti 5 million event hapa Kenya then unadharao Kenyan artists. I’m talking on behalf of everyone even if I get killed. Kuanzia leo kama hautajoin Magix Empire you will be paid 50,000 for perfomances. 5 million wasanii watalipwa ni Khaligraph Jones, Otille Brown, Sauti Sol and the rest.”

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