Maina Kageni Plans to Celebrate His Birthday Abroad Despite ban on International Flights

Controversial Classic 105 Radio host Maina Kageni wowed his fans when he announced that he’ll fly out of the country on June 29th this year to celebrate his birthday. He announced the news during his Friday 5th June 2020 Radio morning show and amused most of his fans basing on the fact that International flights are on holdĀ  in a bid to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

During his morning conversation he disclosed that he doesn’t care whether the lockdown will have been lifted at the time of his birthday or not .The celebrated radio host is adamant that he would celebrate hisĀ  birthday overseas.

” President Uhuru , I feel your dilemna.He’s torn between lives and livelihoods . We have done so well so give yourself a pat on the back. All I’m gonna tell Uhuru is that my birthday is on June 29th and I will not be in the country . I’m just telling you I’ll find a way. ”

The celebrated radio host who will be turning 43years in a few, had previously confessed to his fans that he didn’t go through University. Despite being sent to the UK to study and his mother investing heavily in him, the veteran Journalist chose to drop out and instead opted to work for a Chinese farm as a fish distributor. Maina previously revealed that move saw his mother deeply infuriated. She however forgave the son early last year .

“I ate all my school fees by living large in the UK. My mum found out and she was not happy with me until last year she called me and after dinner she told me she had forgiven me for not going to University. ”

His decision not to join University hasn’t deterred him from reaching out for greatness. Today, Maina Kageni is a household name. He is known for living a flamboyant lifestyle and for choosing to live unmarried. This year the Veteran Journalist purchased a BMW X6 40i 2020 which is one of the latest toys in the market .No doubt , Maina loves his life big.