Maintain Healthy Hair At Home

Tips to take care of your hair at home.

We all have different types of hair that can be categorized as follows;

  • Curly hair
  • Thin hair
  • Oily hair
  • Dry hair

Depending on which type of hair you have the following tips will help you keep it smooth, shiny and beautiful everyday after using them. Read on to find out what tip will work for your hair type.


Wash with lukewarm water. Avoid using too cold or too hot water as this will damage your hair. You can also rinse out your hair with rice water. Condition correctly, whereby you shampoo first before you condition, remember to comb out the tangled hair before your final wash. When rinsing your hair do it thoroughly to avoid oil or dirt build up.


Apply an egg mask twice a week or a banana hair mask which you can easily make at home then rinse it off during bath time or when you feel you are ready to wash it out. They help with how smooth your hair will be.

Take care of your scalp by using onion juice to exfoliating it and to remove the build up of dandruff and oil in your hair.


Dry out your wet hair with a cotton product by patting it down, avoid rubbing it with your towel. You can choose to let it air dry if you you are in no hurry and have time to do so. Make sure your hair is completely dry and protected with oil before blow-drying or straightening it with a hot-iron.


Prevent hair damage by deep conditioning it to maintain moisture. Use aloe vera oil which is basically aloe vera cut into cubes, soaked in a carrier oil like coconut oil and heated up so that its gel mixes together. Add a few drops of essential oil to this because aloe vera oil on its own has a strong smell. You can also use neem oil or tea tree oil to promote hair growth and you can also apply warm coconut or argan oil to your scalp. Warm the oil by rubbing it between your hands.

Wear your hair down, do not put it up in a pony tail often. You are pulling your hair too much and straining the edges. Allow your hair to rest. Use hairspray to give it that shiny glow in the end.

Do not use harsh hair products that will frizzle and damage your hair. Find a hair product that is good for your hair.


Allow your hair to breathe. Other than letting it down, give your hair time to be natural on its own. Avoid dying, putting chemicals to it or blow drying it too much. If you want your hair to grow long, put it in braids and wear wigs most of the time. Braiding your hair and letting it be will help maintain it overtime, it will also promote hair growth. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb out your hair if you are not styling it.


Eat healthy and clean, do not eat garbage, remember garbage in garbage out. Eat food rich in omega 3 and proteins. Ground flax seeds, leafy green vegetables, walnuts and salmon are some foods rich in omega 3. Hydrate yourself constantly, drink lots of water or switch it up with healthy blended natural juice.

Last tip is to avoid using cotton pillowcase because it absorbs much of the product on your hair instead use a silk pillowcase. Get enough sleep and generally take care of yourself. Take time for yourself. Feel beautiful, stay beautiful.