Man Shocked to find out Woman he was trying to ‘chips funga’ was an Army major

Social media has made interactions with strangers much easier.

Finding a dating partner is even easier as you don’t need to gather courage to ask a girl out face to face anymore.

A certain man was recently scrolling through his Facebook feed when one fine lady caught his prying eye.

He sent the lady a friend request which she accepted after two days.

After a few more days, he sent her a message which she replied and that’s how they started talking.

The man’s wife and kids were out of town and so he took this opportunity to try his luck with this pretty sister.


He convinced this lady of how much he loved her and how he wanted a serious relationship with her.

However, he was only after the woman for the goodies.

The lady was a bit reluctant as she was only interested in a serious relationship and did not want jokers.

With a little pressure, he managed to convince her and they met and spent one whole weekend together.

On Sunday morning, the lady asked him to drop her off in the Rav 4 she had come with.

He drove her until they approached an army barracks gate where she asked to be dropped off.

The man was surprised and thought she was joking.

He approached the gate cautiously and when they, the junior soldiers, saw the car they began saluting the woman.

By the time he was dropping the lady, he was drenched in sweat and had peed himself a few times already.

The following day the woman confessed to the man that she was actually an army major.

She was the only girl in a family of three and her two brothers were Lieutenant Colonels in the army.

The girl’s father was also a retired army general.

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