Man who Claimed to have fathered Tanasha’s Son Apologizes Publicly

“Ntapiga magoti mpaka Kenya. Pamoja na watu wanaonifollow, wanaonipenda tukaombe msamaha kwake Tanasha.”

Tanzanian media personality Mwijaku stated this earlier today after he was asked what he would do in any case Tanasha Donna refuses his apology for his false statement of fathering her son.

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Vibrant Tanzanian media presenter Mwijaku has taken back his statement where he claimed to have fathered Tanasha Donna’s son Naseeb Junior.

The radio personality spoke to his listeners on Wednesday 27th, trying to explain his side of the story. According to him, people misinterpreted his statement about being Naseeb Junior’s father.

In a video interview held earlier this month, Mwijaku was asked about his relations to Tanasha Donna and Diamond’s son because of his resembling looks with Naseeb Junior.

Mwijaku answered saying that Naseeb Junior was his blood. He further added that he has even been in touch with Tanasha after her separation from singer Diamond.

“Damu Yangu ile.”

The interview went viral and news spread that Mwijaku was Naseeb’s father.

However, the statement was not taken lightly by Tanasha’s fans and some celebrities too.

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Tanzanian singer Ray C wrote an Instagram post shunning Mwijaku’s actions claiming he did not have any respect for the new mother.

This post prompted Tanasha to decide to take legal action against Mwijaku who was tarnishing the young singer’s name and reputation.

“Let’s see if he will be as confident when speaking to my lawyers.” Tanasha said.

It was after Tanasha’s statement about suing Mwijaku that he came out publicly to clarify his message.

The media personality explained that he is a cultural man who follows Tanzania’s culture strictly.

According to Mwijaku, both he and Diamond Platnumz come from Kigoma, which culturally makes them brothers.

That’s why he said that Naseeb was his blood.

He never meant that he personally fathered the child but just that they come from the same ancestral home.

“Kuna kitu kimoja ningependa kukiweka wazi. Mimi ni Mtanzania. Sisi watu wa mikoani tunaishi kupitia mila na desturi ya Kitanzania ambazo nimelelewa. Mimi niliposema kuwa mtoto wa Diamond na Tanasha ni mtoto wangu, ama nilisema ni damu yangu, nyinyi labda mliinterpret negatively. Mimi ni mtu wa Kigoma, Diamond Platnumz ni mtu wa Kigoma. Mi ni mtu wa Mkoani, Diamond ni mtu wa mkoani.”

Watch the video below.

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