Man who slept with wife’s coffin in Police station receives huge Cash donation from Kenyans

-Kenyans have decided to come to the rescue of one Charles Mwenda, a man who got on the wrong side of the law and was forced to spend one whole night with his wife’s dead body in a police station.

-This sad story was shared by Kenyan netizens all over social media with many of them condemning the police officers for conducting such an inhumane act to a grieving man.

-Many of the netizens came together and managed to raise more than half a million shillings to help Charles and his family.

Charles Mwenda by his wife’s graveside. photo courtesy: Ndung’u Nyoro

Charles Mwenda has something to rejoice about after Kenyans united to come to his aid after he suffered under the Kenya police system less than two weeks ago.

On the day the incidence occurred, Mwenda was transporting his late wife’s dead body from Malindi to Meru for burial purposes. Charles had taken all the necessary permits needed to transport the body and had passed all the police barriers before being stopped at the Meru-Tharakanithi border.

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Being 11 pm at night, the police officers accused Mr Mwenda of flouting curfew rules and also illegal crossing of internal borders. His family and friends were forced to turn back to Malindi, while he was escorted by the officers to the police post.

Charles was forced to spend a whole night in the rain with his wife’s casket. He had to struggle and drag the casket under a lorry to shield it from rain.

The late Faith Mwenda with their 6 month old child.


He got help from a friend the following morning who helped transport his wife’s body from the station

After narrating this disappointing ordeal on social media, many Kenyans who sympathized with the grieving widower came together to help him financially during this hard times.

Charles was in dire financial need as his finances had all been spent in helping his late wife Faith Mwenda fight cancer for the past three years.

“In the last three days, you have helped raise kshs 570,469 towards supporting this family. We are praying that this will in a big way help put and stabilize the young family. Fighting cancer and eventually losing the mother of the family had not only drained them emotionally, but also financially. Thank you for being used by God to touch this family in a kind way. Your compassionate giving is heartwarming.” Said Ndun’gu Nyoro in a Facebook post.

Kenyans were able to raise kshs 570,469 for him and his family while one philanthropic citizen offered to pay for his house help’s one-year salary.

Among the donors was Nairobi’s governor Mike Sonko gave kshs 25,000.

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