Meet Mellbaron,Kenya’s fast-rising female artist

In the Kenyan music industry, many artists from different genres work really hard through their musical talents to build their brands and fanbase. Some have it easy while others constantly have to work on their craft to keep up with the ever-evolving music industry.

In Kenya, the music industry was once male-dominated but extraordinary female artists like Mellbaron have since won the hearts of many through her beautiful voice that has attracted thousands of fans who applaud her for her vocals and beauty at such a young age.


Who is Mellbaron?

Going by her stage name Mel, she is also known as Mellyn Onywoki. The beautiful songstress is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, trumpeter, and also plays drums. Mel is also a final year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Maseno University.

The rising star is passionate about sharing life as it is and experiences through her musical talent. Mellbaron also works hand in hand with her bandmates, Jiji_Afrika by doing live performances. Through her band, she has managed to understand the performance aspect as a driving force towards becoming a versatile and extraordinary artist in the Kenyan music industry.

On stage, the young musician utilizes the live platform by letting go of everything holding her back. Working with her bandmates has been a fulfilling experience as they are her close friends that she relies on.

Her bandmates from Jiji_Afrika fully support her solo projects and they continuously aim to support each other because they are a team and solo working individuals, the future looks bright and promising for them.

Mel’s musical journey

Mel’s musical journey has been an awesome and breathtaking experience since she gets to meet and socialize with other musical talents in the Industry. Music has been a learning platform for her in which she is able to improve on her content and craft daily. This elevates her brand’s credibility and fanbase.

I have been received well as an upcoming artist and it’s overwhelming. Since I released my first debut song Maumivu,my fans embraced my music and gave me motivation to go on and make more content.

Mel started singing at a young age and since her early days, she came to realize music is her passion and where she belongs. The “Chali” hitmaker has been well received in the Kenyan music scene ever since her first debut Maumivu on YouTube.

Because of the immense support and love, she has been receiving from her fans, Mel is always motivated to continue making more content. Apart from singing, Mel works as an actor who once played a major role in varsity film competitions, she played main parts in choreographing contemporary dance pieces in the university’s drama festivals.

She describes herself as an all-rounded and talented creative which is evident through her work. The upcoming singer deems herself as a strong, independent, and powerful individual who can conquer anything that comes her way.

The team behind Mel

The 23-year-old described her team as her biggest critiques as she works closely with them in delivering and promoting her music. Her team and management Jomination and Jiji_Afrika are always there to guide her whenever she needs to consult about anything related to her music especially on the areas she needs to work and improve on.

Her close friends are also her biggest cheerleaders who she relies on, on matters concerning her music and craft.

My biggest critique is the people that I really work closely with.Mostly my team coz they are always there when I need to consult about something ,probably if my content is good or I still need to work on it.That is my team jomination ,my team @Jiji Afrika,and some close friends of mine that I rely on.They are all musically related.

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Challenges faced

As an upcoming artist, Mel is not new to challenges as she was once duped by fake people who tried conning her in the name of helping her music career grow because she is a new artist. The dreadful experience prompted her to seek management services that protect and promote her brand as a fast-rising upcoming artist in the music industry.

Working as a solo artist vs working with her band

Mel’s experience working with Jiji_Afrika whilst working individually has always been a smooth transition as she knows she and her bandmates support each other’s solo projects while also working together.

From her experience of doing the two tasks consecutively, being part of the band has boosted her with the tips and tricks of doing a live performance. Working alongside an active band has also taught her how to work as a team and having a vision together as a brand and they are working towards growing their brand.

Working as a solo artist has enabled her to utilize her vocal creativity individually where she has released a few singles as she continues to develop more content for her fanbase. She receives full support from her bandmates as a solo artist.

Advice to upcoming female artists

Mellyn advises aspiring female artists who wish to express themselves through music to definitely go for it. She also emphasizes that music needs absolute passion and consistency in order to build a strong fanbase and brand.

She feels that those female artists who are still hiding under their shell of talent and passion ought to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves musically through sacrifice and the patience to grow.

Music needs passion, it needs consistency. One needs to get out of his or her comfort zone and challenge yourself in making a step towards your passion. It also needs sacrifice and patience.

Aspiring future collaborations

Just like any other artist, Mel aspires to work with big names in the industry as part of her future projects. The major players at the top of her list include Kaligraph Jones, Nyashinski, Sauti sol, and Ruby. Internationally she wishes to work with sensations like Nigeria’s Yemi Alade and Simi. 

She not only loves the mentioned artists but also, looks up to them because of their work ethic, for example,  the hard work they put out when making their music. Getting the golden opportunity to work with any of them would mean a lot to Mel and it would be a proud moment for her because they are musical legends.

If I would get a chance to work with them, I would really be proud because they are legends of music to me and they are hardworking.  

Where does Mel see herself in the next five years?

Musically, The chali hitmaker wishes to bag prestigious awards such as the BET Awards after putting in hard work and consistency into her music over the coming years. Mel also aspires to be the top female artist in Kenya and the immense support from her team and fans will play a major role in her achieving her dreams musically.

Latest Hit?

Song Title; Chali

Written by; Mellbaron

Produced by; Ilhaji

Directed by; Dolls

Executive producer; Jomination

Mel has recently released her latest single Chali which boasts over 100,000 views on her youtube channel in just one month. The captivating hit song was written by Mel and produced by Ilhaji.

According to the 23-year old, the song was inspired by how a long time crush from your neighborhood, school, or workplace, can immediately sweep off one’s feet and nervousness sets in when the admirer sees them.

At some point in life we’ve all been swept of your feet by this lady or gentleman around the neighborhood ,school or workplace.When you see that someone,you’re just nervous for no reason.This is a song  about this dude,damn,when he hits the dancefloor he commands the stage and speaks of nothing but good vibes and energy.I had to ask my girls if they see what I am seeing.

The song has an urban-pop touch to it and Mellbaron’s angelic vocals enhance the beats and rhythm of the song with her catchy lyrics and chorus. The video quality is impeccable as the talented singer posses great chemistry with her dancers and the male video vixen.

Check out Chali by Mellbaron below and support her by sharing and subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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