Meet the female version of Andrew kibe, King Kalala

Kenyan radio presenter Andrew kibe is not new to most controversial issues as highlighted on his social media on a regular basis. He is constantly deemed as the Kenyan King of unpopular opinions who has never succumbed to the societal pressures of being a role model or anything alike.

The Media personality openly critiques social issues facing Kenyan men today and gives them tips and tricks to beat women at their game when it comes to relationships.

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Recently, the Kenyan sphere of social media influencers is growing at an alarming rate with new faces coming out and sustaining the attention of millions of online audiences. Meet King Kalala a young, beautiful, and entertaining influencer who is a replica of Andrew Kibe’s words and worldview, only that she speaks and represents the female demographic of our generation. The upcoming influencer has captured the attention many and she receives applause for her budding career as an entertainer.

An upcoming media personality, King Kalala.

The young lady is very opinionated and open-minded when it comes to her worldviews which share similarities with Kibe’s opinion or tips. Here are some videos for comparisons.

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The young lady received great remarks from her followers in social media and most hope for her absorption into the mainstream media like radio presenting and reach a larger audience whilst building her brand.

Her potential can be seen from the great remarks and comments she receives from her shared videos,

Would listen to you all day😂🤣

I swear I love yoh vibe girl 🔥🔥🔥love your thinking sometimes too

Kuna kitalent flani uko nakyo kya redio
You should just start doing story time on YouTube 😂😂😂😂
We can only hope that King Kalala whose real name is Prudence will receive more recognition and opportunities from her talent with more followers gravitating towards her content.