Modelling Agencies in Kenya

In Kenya, modelling has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. This can be attributed to the rapid advancement in technology and the increasing use of social media and the internet by the youth. Gone are the days when you had to physically present your portfolio to an agent to be considered for an opportunity or an agency. Considering that there were very few agencies back then, many did not really consider modelling as an income-generating activity. It was more of a hobby for those who had the luxury of participating. Although the number of modelling agencies available has not increased significantly, the available agencies have played an instrumental role in the growth of the fashion industry in the country. Here’s a list of some of the reliable agencies in the country. We’ll provide a link to their websites or one of their social media handles.

We do not in any way, shape or form endorse any of the agencies listed here. We will not be held liable for any dealings with these agencies.

  1. Surazuri Modelling and Casting Agency.
  2. Aftermath Modelling Agency.
  3. City Models Africa.
  4. Velour Model Management.
  5. Imandy Modelling and Casting Agency.
  6. The Tianar Models Foundation Kenya.
  7. Bicfest Creative and Models Management Company.
  8. Versatile Model and Talent Kenya.
  9. Eactive Group.
  10. Hela Models 254.
  11. Sage Agency.
  12. Aflicker Modelling and Casting Agency.
  13. Opipi Modelling Agency.
  14. Alaro Model Management.
  15. Second Option Agency.

This list will be continually updated.