Moses Kuria’s night club exposed for flouting social distance rules

A high-end night club in Nairobi has been exposed on Twitter for dismissing social distance directives as directed by the Kenyan Ministry of health.

The beautiful establishment which has been identified as The Avery Lounge in Utawala allededly belongs to Moses Kuria and from the look of things, many party-goers have been flocking the club and enjoying themselves with drinks and entertainment overlooking the risk of contracting the deadly COVID-19.  

Kenyans on Twitter did not take the situation lightly and shared a video of some the party animals having the time of their lives at the bar without any form of social distancing and the use of protective gear like face masks.

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The owner of the bar who is Moses Kuria was also put on the spot for not keeping his lounge closed until further notice as directed by the Health ministry.

A netizen on twitter exposed the activities that have been going on at the lounge behind closed doors and even tagged the Ministry of health for immediate intervention on the matter.

The man who exposed the establishment endured the wrath of the twitter community as he was called a snitch for sharing the video online.

That is where I am spending my day today. Especially now that it is owned by Moses Kuria.

Wacha twende huko, we have to support each other. He’s hustling. Thanks for sharing, fungua yako sasa

Wacha upuzi,people are drinking and eating..it’s an Itary..hahaha

What do you gain kua snitch shugulika na life yako snitch wana snitch

From the responses, a portion of Kenyans are willing to go out of their way to party so as to flee from their homes due to the imposed curfew hours that have made staying at home an unbearable situation.

On the 6th of June, President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the national curfew for a further 30 days and curfew hours were pushed to 9 pm and would end at 4 pm East African Time.

The president’s move saw many Kenyans disappointed because intercounty movements are still prohibited and the number of Coronavirus  cases has unfortunately been rising by three digits in the past week.

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